All the gods in the sky in collector dvd/blu-ray version

Acclaimed by the public and critics, discover the limited edition film ALL THE GODS IN THE SKY (Quarxx, 2018) dvd/blu-ray collector !

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All the gods in the sky in collector dvd/blu-ray version

Who are we? A brand new mini french publishing structure: Extralucid Films.

There are two of us, Carine and Patrice. We'll come and give you a short video presentation ;)

After years of experience in our business we decided to embark on a new adventure !


Our first project is a big big big crush. It is therefore a question of releasing on DVD/blu-ray the feature film ALL THE GODS IN THE SKY directed by Quarxx and released in theaters in 2019 and winner of the Audience Prize at the last PIFFF (Paris International Fantastic Film Festival).

The dvd/blu-ray will have ENGLISH SUBTITLES !

(only for the film feature, not the bonuses)


First world edition !




A great cast !  You will see at their best Jean-Luc Couchard (Dikkenek, Babysitting 2), Mélanie Gaydos, Zoé Rixhon, Thierry Frémont, Albert Delpy,...

We will put all our heart and energy into offering you the most beautiful edition possible!

And here is the trailer with english subtitles :



Always with the idea of reinventing ourselves, we have decided for the visual to offer you something new and modern. For this we called on the artist Jérémy Pailler:

But we will offer you even better with this digipack (which will also include a 24-page booklet). Indeed, depending on the direction of insertion of the dvd/blu-ray in the box you can choose your visual.


Here is a short video of the model (the final boxes will be printed everywhere, including the white parts that we still see) :



The film received a tremendous critical response from all over the world (yes, yes!):

MAD MOVIES: "All the gods in the sky" is not afraid to trace his own furrow without worrying about any fashion effect, thus heralding a promising future for a Quarxx"

CINEMA TEASER: "Far from the comfort zones of French production, "Tous les dieux du ciel" reminds us that UFO films fly higher than others."

LE PARISIEN : "A film like you won't see every day."

20 MINUTES : "Finally a sexy and disturbing French horror movie."

TERROR WEEKEND : "One of the most fascinating film essays of the end of the decade, which contributes to the resurgence of the French fright."

C'EST ARRIVE PRES DE BRUXELLES : "...driven by the hallucinated performance of a surprising Jean-Luc Couchard and a magnetic, tragic and disturbing Mélanie Gaydos."

ROLLING STONES : "Remarkable."

ROCK N FOLK : "A "monster" beauty represented by the incredible Mélanie Gaydos, actress and model suffering from a rare genetic disease, and whose physical "Star Trek"-asque gives her another form of troubled glamour..."



Well, you'd also like to know what the film is about !

It's a beautiful and strange story :

Simon, in his forties, works at the factory and lives in a decrepit farmhouse. He is a lonely man, in charge of his sister Estelle, severely handicapped following a game that went wrong in their childhood. Despite his remorse and the aggressiveness of the surrounding world, Simon keeps in the depths of his flesh the secret hope of saving his sister by freeing her from earthly gravity. What if their salvation came from heaven?


Let's let actress Mélanie Gaydos speak on the show Brut (english with french subtitles) :



Did you know that the film ALL THE GODS IN THE SKY was originally a successful short film with the People's Choice Award at the 2017 Strange Festival : A NEARLY PERFECT BLUE SKY.


A collector dvd/blu-ray edition full of bonus :

(only the feature film will have enfglish subtitles, not the bonuses)


A 24 pages booklet

The making of the film (59 minutes)

Scenes commented by Quarxx and Jean-Luc Couchard

Interview with Quarxx

Interview with David Scherer

Short films by Quarxx: A nearly perfect blue sky, Black night, Rasta Kamikaze Bang-Bang



We also offer you surprises reserved only for Kissbankers :

Postcards, tote bag, autographed poster,... participation in a private masterclass with Quarxx, a private masterclass with special effects specialist David Scherer, a painting by Quarxx (note that the artist is quoted around 7,000 euros at Drouot)...  

Choose what you want !


We offer you the shipping costs



Masterclass and film screening in the presence of Quarxx :

It will take place at the Escurial cinema on Saturday, February 1st at 11:00 am (until 1:30 pm). Paris, France.

Address: 11 Boulevard de Port-Royal, 75013 Paris, France

Masterclass with David Scherer :

It will be held on Monday, February 3 at 7:00 p.m. at the Crowfunding House of KissKissBankBankBank. Address: 34 Rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris, France

Painting of Quarxx :

Title : Rabies

Acrylic on canvas, unframed, 116X89 cm




It's time to come and support us !

And don't hesitate to share the information around you !




Waar dient de collecte voor

The KissKissBankBank will allow us to cover the acquisition rights of the film ALL THE GODS IN THE SKY and to pay a part of the manufacturing costs.

We would really appreciate being able to exceed the proposed target to help us cover all costs !

We are a new structure and we are starting from scratch.

So we are counting on you to bring this beautiful project to life !

Be many to support us and feel free to share the page of this project !

This dvd/blu-ray collector edition will exist thanks to you !



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