TRIP USA VAN 18000km

Help us to realize a 11,184 miles journey in 90 days thanks to a VW bus. Lets explore the breathtaking natural wonders and share it with you

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TRIP USA VAN 18000km



The USA is an extraordinary, mythological country. Two girls, a VW bus and 11 184 mile journey off the beaten track, far from tourist traps. The trip of a lifetime - shared with you. We are challenging ourselves to travel around US in 90 days and 11 184 miles.




We will transport ourselves in a legendary vehicle : a VW bus. Our VW bus will attract the curious and help us make new friends. It will be our travel companion. The itinerary is based on nature. The goal is to travel and visit national parks, canyons, lakes, deserts... The USA has breathtaking natural wonders that we want to capture for ourselves. We want to share it with you - our travels, the nature, our photography and our challenges.





We need you. As an American, you know your country from your own point of view. But to see it with a curious outsider's eyes is a special opportunity. We will take thousands of photographs and curate them to show you how special your home is. At the end of our journey, we will collect all the photos in a coffee table book - it will be an overview of the glorious, unique nature found in the US. 


You can follow us mile by mile, city by city, park by park. We want to share with you and everyone across the US! We want to learn about and appreciate Americans, your culture, the way you live, speak to native people and offer our friendship. Through our website and social media, we will share clever anecdotes, photography, interviews, daily life, and weekly videos. Have you experienced the magic of world travel?





You know what it's like to be inspired by the trip of a lifetime. We want to help others through what we learn from our 11,184 mile journey. Our journey can offer advice on where to go, where not to go, and extraordinary experiences.  And think of the possibilities of friendship - we can offer you a connection to your own European travel, a connection for business, or a lifelong friendship.


Waar dient de collecte voor

What do we need funds for?

The math is simple. Each kilometer of travel will cost us €1. (This math works best if you're European. What can we do? We're French. For the US, this translates to about $1 per .57 miles per travel.)


The first funds we acquire are devoted to our method of transportation, the legendary VW bus. Once we have the bus, we will drive it around France as it assists us in collecting other donations. 


Let's break it down:

- VW bus : 8000 euros ($8,679.10)

- We cannot rent a VW bus in the US, as we're not yet 25.

- Ship the bus to the US : 2000 euros ($2,169)

- Purchasing a VW bus in the US in good, working order would cost us nearly $20,000.

-Two sets of plane tickets, 90 days apart : 1600 euros ($1,735) 

- Gas : 2000 euros ($2,174)

- Food : 1800 euros ($1,951 - $10 a day per person - We plan to eat a lot of meals over campfires!) 

- Miscellaneous Operating Costs : 2000 euros ($2,169) (national parks card, camping fees - costs that we must incur to make our trip reality.) 

- Equipment Expenses : 800 euros ($868) (photography accessories, internet hotspot, camping stuffs ...) 


= 18000 euros (19,514 $ ) 


What do we we need right now? We need 1,000 euros. With the first 1,000 euros, we can make a deposit on our beloved VW bus. Future funds will allow us to pick it up from the south of France. Once we have it, we'll be able to start fixing it up. It will travel around France with us as the focal point of our advertising and donation collections. Anyone who sponsors our trip will be able to advertise on the bus itself!




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