Un maillot pour courir utile !

Go for a #usefulrun, wearing the colours of Trail Runner Foundation, to keep our beloved trails clean !

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Un maillot pour courir utile !


Who are we?



Trail Runner Foundation started with 2 guys training in the Pyrénées, going for a little run outside.

On our way, some litter on the floor, a used gel, and some more stuff left there in the middle of the nature...

Instead of just complaining, we thought we should do something and we simply picked up these small pieces of litter. Before we started thinking : "what if we were not the only ones who do it already, and how many around us are willing to share this idea that giving up is not an option?"




The association Trail Runner Foundation was born, and we are now more than 200 members, fans of outdoor sport (hiking, trail running, nordic walking, jogging, etc.) with one motto : « run useful » !


A useful run, a useful walk, it is a state of mind, a attitude, a simple gesture anyone can do to set the good example. Keep our trash with us, during practice or competition, and if this is needed, pick up the litter found on our way... Simple actions, everywhere in France and Spain now, tomorrow hopefully everywhere in the world, and more and more pictures of trash collections on the Facebook page of the association.


We also organize collective actions, the #rendezvousutile (usefulmeetings) : a race, an eco-friendly race organizer, members and sympathizers of Trail Runner Foundation and voila ! Together, they enjoy the recognition course to run useful, and to pick up the litter found on their way. A useful and friendly moment !



Our project - The Official jersey


For a maximum of people taking action, a French brand committed to an eco-responsible approach has developed a a technical shirt for Trail Runner Foundation, with flap pockets to collect our used packaging and those found on our way.

The Trail Runner Foundation shirt has every functionality of a superior quality trail running shirt :

a zipped collar, technical, comfortable and breathable material, mesh patchs for opimum ventilaton, flap pockets to store gels, energy bars or small trash collected on your way.

It is available in male and female version, with sizes from XS to XL. It is the shirt you need to run useful on any occasion !


By buying this shirt, you will contribute to give more resources to the association, more visibility, more cohesion and more power. The launching of our jersey, that will be our emblem, will be possible only if we receive more than 100 orders.


Once you will have this Trail Runner Foundation shirt, you will be ready to take action, and share the values of the association around you.


We count on you, everyone's support will enable the association to continue to grow, and to protect together our playground !





And if you want to support the association without buying the jersey, you can become a member or go for one of the other products available. Many thanks !


Waar dient de collecte voor

If we reach the minimum of 100 shirts, every purchase will contribute to 10€ support to Trail Runner Foundation. Repartition_maillot_english-1434310969


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