Un nouveau site web pour radio Campus Orléans

We need 2.0 web to finish our 20 years.

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Un nouveau site web pour radio Campus Orléans

We are frenche local sutend college radio. We are broadcasting since 1994.


College Radio


Live shows, college news and events to dynamise life on Campus.


Citizen Radio


Radio Campus works to create links between students and inhabitants of the place where the campus is located. We work too in order to cross generations between shows and records.


Music and Arts Radio


Underground, sharp, avant garde are our leitmotiv. We help new artists to emerge, we offer them a easy to communicate about thier projects. Our many shows deals with movies, theatre, exibitions, music (reggae, electro, rock and indies)


Radio Campus orléans is a non profit organisation. Since 1194 we have made bounds with many local structures such as la Fracama  (Fédération Régionale des Acteurs Culturels Associatifs Musiques Actuelles), Power Poulpe & Music, Le 108 (un collectif d'associations culturelles, Radio Campus France, Fracama,  Labomedia, Université d’Orléans, CROUS, Mairie d'Orléans, Associations Cent Soleils, Art pour Tous, Afev, Centre Ressource, ACM Formation, CRIJ (Centre Régional Information Jeunesse), Lycées Paul Gauguin, Maréchal Leclerc de Hautecloque, Voltaire, Le Bouillon, L'Astrolabe, Ville de Fleury-La Passerelle, CDN, Cinéma les Carmes, Les centres Aselqo, Francas, Figures Libres, L'Oreille est hardie, Les Amis du Monde Diplo, et bien d’autres



Waar dient de collecte voor


We need a new website because ours is aged of 12 years. It was build in flash and it is no longer supported by many terminals (such as mobiles). The website is quite old and we can't highlights properly our actions, our shows and our creations. We would like to create a new website (update old website is too long) in order to offer more visibility to each of our partners. The web is an important place to touch a new public and to spread our words of change.


The crowd funding will be used to fill a part of the expanse of the creation of the new website. We want to build a multi admin platform, to create embeded players, a good stream app, a what's that song ? widget. and of course (useless web features)



Details of funds :

Le détail de ce budget ce fera de la manière suivante :


outcomes : _ Training course of a salary to the rudiments of webdesign and webadmin. The course will be with labomedia  (local non profit organisation that works in numeric cultures development)  : 2100€

                      _ Template creation and specific features development by Labomedia : 3900€

                      _ Graphical design of web site and rights to use : 600 €

                      Total : 6600 €



Recettes : _  AFDAS (a french organisation that collects and dispatches money to company and emplyoees in order to upgrade their skills with trainig course : 1250 €

                   _ CROUS's subsides (Funds of the university of Orléans) : 600 €

                   _ Crowd funding kisskissbankbank : 2500€

                   _ Capital stock : 2250 €

                   Total : 6600 €


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