Une collection pour les nostalgiques des années 80

Amis des années 80 aidez à financer la collection délicieusement régressive de Mister Lapin!

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Une collection pour les nostalgiques des années 80






Waar dient de collecte voor



For those of you who don’t know me, I am Cinzia Dosa-Lauret, graphic designer, illustrator and Mister Lapin brand owner.


If you are here, you probably love the 80’s and 90’s and you are nostalgic about your childhood. Just like me! I love wandering in car boot sale and flea market to find toys and books of my childhood or oldest. I collect and draw them.


I have created so far four illustrations that will bring back memories to all 80’s children. Each one associates an iconic object and a word. The word describes the object’s essential characteristic.






These four illustrations will be declined on several objects (enamel pins, clutches, tote bags, notebooks, keychains) and you will get them as rewards for your participation to the project.




Every reward includes international shipping costs. Be careful and select the reward with international shipping costs.


I selected French and Europeans manufacturers.

- pins, keychains and notebooks come from England

- tote bags, clutches and t-shirts are made by Arteesan. I discovered this print shop based in Paris. I hope to find other studios like this one to purpose you locally products objects.


I already received tote bags and clutches printed by Arteesan and they are awesome!






Why do I need your help?


All funds raised will be used to finance :


1/ all the 80’s collection.

2/ rewards, packaging and shipping costs.

3/ KissKissBankBank and taxes.

4/ if stretch goal number 1 is achieved (4000€) I will be able to finance an enamel pins inspired by a rabbit twine dispenser I have found in a carboot sale. This rabbit is very popular among french bargain hunters.


I modernized its look and made it more trendy with a tropical leaf.


It will be displayed on a 8,5 x 5,5 cm card in a kraft matchbox decorated with Mister Lapin logo. This card can be use to create a rabbit twine dispenser, the twine passing through the pins hole.


5/ a new special 80’s collection with four enamel pins if the amount exceed 5500€. I already have imagined all details, but I will talk about this later.


All the funds raised will be deposited to Cinzia Dosa-Lauret bank account.









Thank you all for your help. I count on you to share as much as possible with all the Eighties lovers you know!


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