Une jeune compagnie toulousaine au festival international de danse d'Oaxaca (Mexique)

Travel to Mexico to the young dance company Sarah Boy : First exchange place and first diffusion place of project "Memori Terhapus"

Visueel van project Une jeune compagnie toulousaine au festival international de danse d'Oaxaca (Mexique)
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Une jeune compagnie toulousaine au festival international de danse d'Oaxaca (Mexique)

Who are we ?


We are a dance company from Toulouse, France, which is in the process of becoming professional. The company was created by Sarah Boy in 2011. Composed of 4 dancers, the company exists through various own artistic projects.




Our aim :


This company exists because of Sarah Boy’s wish to combine her will to share and her will to defend ideas that matter to her through choreography. Her style more relates to contemporary jazz and requires a kind of involvement as regards her questioning on the world, on her own convictions.


The 16th International Dance Festival of Oaxaca, Mexico, has offered us a time slot on 10 April 2014 for presenting our first creation “Memori Terhapus”.

Going to Mexico is a first experience that would allow us to share our convictions. We hope we could have a fruitful exchange there so that our questions would then be heard in other countries too. Sarah Boy’s involvement shows up through her engagement towards charities in Toulouse and she would like to include it even further in her professional life. 



Origins of the project :


"Putting on a blindfold was a revelation to me. The feelings of touch, music listening, breathing… all these senses allowed me to reveal my interpretation as a human-being. Maybe this is a step all dancers should take?! Recognizing the feelings, taking risks, trust, finding one’s balance, one’s own life balance…

However my work in ‘Memori Terharpus’ does not stop here. It analyses the way I look at the world and my pain, as if I didn’t want to see it nor hear it anymore, but it keeps on haunting me…"

Sarah Boy




Sarah Boy, dance teacher since 2008, was born with artists parents. The dance is her breathing, the music is her second skin and her creativity wants to be reading by lots of people. Sarah Boy is a choreographer who would like to be known.


Justine Drajner, Marianne Dufour and Yasmine Belayel are 3 dancers on the company since 2012. They have allowed at the project to do evolution in its form and in its writing. The body language is at each dancer.





The project :


« Memori Terhapus is my very own analysis on human pain. I would like to choose to go into the easiness of a poetic world, to choose to see or not to see… but so many questions arise, questions I cannot answer ». 



Synopsis :

A woman is alone on stage, a woman who is isolated within the world and isolated by the world…. She seems to be searching for her place amongst the crowd, searching for her balance, for her name. But what’s actually her name? The one she was given or the one she would like to shout to the entire world?

Until that moment when, fed up with this reality that constantly blows up in her face, she finally gets to open her eyes et finds her place… the one that seems to be hers, a small place of which the boundaries were set by the crowd, a cramped place between four walls, just like this box which is holding her feeling of indignation.

Wearing a blindfold, a woman is searching for her place in the world and this is her life balance she’s putting at stake! She finally gets to dream her life, to live her passion and indignation, almost touches this poetic world she wants more than anything… And when the moves are getting faster and faster, when the pain arises again, reality catches up on her and the dark side unveils… 


“People choose to see or not to see…”




To visit our website to see lots of videos :


Waar dient de collecte voor

Why 2000 € ?


For helping us to finance our travel to Mexico. The tickets cost about 3200 euros for 4 peoples. We look for others financing, but it's difficult that's why we ask to you a help.


We are paid for our representation in Oaxaca about 700 euros, so this money will permit to complete the financing for our tickets.




What are needs of the company if the financing in Kiss Kiss Bank Bank is higher than aim ?


The dance company Sarah Boy needs help for the diffusion and the communiaction. It will permit to create a quality video for our futurs programmings. And we began a new project which needs equipments and costumes.



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Association "Trois Temps Dense"

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