Une tenue pour les pompiers humanitaires ! Protective equipment for humanitarian firemen !

Our project is to provide protective clothing for our humanitarian association which is founded by firefighter’s specialized in forest fires

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Une tenue pour les pompiers humanitaires ! Protective equipment for humanitarian firemen !



The International Unit of Wildfire (SIFF in french...) is a non-profit organization founded in 2014, whose purpose is to intervene in large-scale forest fires and to provide our help and experience when on site recourses (Human or/& equipment) find themselves overwhelmed by the intensity of fires. The “SIFF” is a fast and independent team that can travel to any part of the world at any time to protect homes from the flames. We are the first humanitarian organization specialized in forest fires. Our 15 members are not only full time professional Firemen, but also forest fire specialists and participate in their free time, purely on a voluntary basis. (During holidays, Days off, etc)  


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To be able to work with a maximum of safety and efficiency, despite their obvious bravery of our fire fighters, we require specific personal protective equipment: helmets, fire jackets, fireproof outfits, gloves, hoods, etc ... Given its specificity, this material has a significant cost. This initial investment is intended for use long term usage & is essential. Without the above mentioned equipment our association cannot function.


       Individual equipment/uniform needed:        F2 helmet: 175 € Fireproof overalls: 200 € Fire Jacket: 300 € A total of 675 € per member






Our missions are performed by teams of 5 firefighters, our initial goal is to be able to equip these 5 guys so that they act as safely as possible even in the most extreme & dangerous conditions... A total sum of € 3,375, to which we add an extra € 160 for operating costs for a web site.

Every additional 675 € we manage to raise, will be used to provide an extra outfit for a member of our team. And who knows, if we reach the threshold of € 10,630 (including fees), we will be able to offer a full individual uniform for all 15 members!

In order to stop forest Fires we can no longer use the prehistoric method of long human chains passing buckets of water for an hours on end & sadly often in vain.                      

We need to be able to use “modern equipment” in order to resist the terrible devastating forest fires that are happening worldwide today. We need 4 x 4 vehicles with a tank, pumps, hoses, nozzles, etc. ... called CCFL (Water Truck against Forest fires).

However Depending on the condition & age of the vehicle, the cost can vary from €10,000 to €30,000 !





This would mean we need to raise over a total of €40,000 ???


Ah ... we can dream right?!


Our unique goal is to do to save homes and sometimes even lives !

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