"Vándalo" Exposition de gravure dans une prison mexicaine

Support the artistic project of the French artist "Veneno" to mount an exhibition in the men's prison "Ixcotel" in Mexico.

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"Vándalo" Exposition de gravure dans une prison mexicaine

"For this exhibition, the French artist" Veneno ", based in Oaxaca, Mexico, wanted to combine her passions for graffiti and engraving into one project. She has been involved in Mexican prison for some time now.

This project will be realized with the detainees of the Ixcotel penitencial center located in the city of Oaxaca de Juarez in partnership with the workshop Grafica Siqueiros (engraving workshop mounted in the prison by the artist Jason Pfohl).

The artist Cristopher Diaz, engraver Oaxaquénien also contributes by making available his knowledge on this technique that is engraving.


The objective of this project:

- Show that the prison world can be a place of creation

- Give prisoners a voice by exhibiting their works

- To change society's view of prisoners and prison life to help their reintegration.

The idea is to start from a symbol that is the aerosol and to interpret each in its own way what the word "Vandal" represents.

In this project, two engravings will be made, a first on a wooden plate and the second on a cylindrical wooden volume in the shape of a spray of paint to remind that as in the graffiti, even if the tool used remains the same, the supports are never the same.

The interpretation of the word "Vandal" is very personal and remains very subjective. The artist "Veneno" herself practicing the graffiti, legal but sometimes illegal, is very interested by the vision that the prisoners can have and how they interpret it. "


Second objective of this project:

- Present an exhibition within the prison for detainees and their relatives as well as prison staff.

- Present the exhibition outside the prison in a gallery to give access to a wider audience.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The artist Veneno has already personally financed the purchase of matrices to engrave 40 matrices.

The collection will be used for the purchase of the paper allowing us to print the 40 engravings made by the prisoners of the prison participating in the project.
Purchase a pot of ink.
Financing the purchase of wooden frames to present the 40 works during the exhibitions.
Financing of wooden pedestals for the presentation of matrices.
Financing poster and flyer printing for exhibition communication.

BUDGET IMPRESSIONS: 150 € for 200 impressions.
The money collected extra will be used to purchase various materials for the workshop during the year.

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