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Participate to the remake of, an informative website for all the wine lovers.

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An informative website about wine since 2012 is an informative website directed at the wine lovers who are eager to learn a little more in a funny and instructive way. It aims at making the knowledge about wine more accessible: wine-growing regions, wine designations, grape varieties, wine and food pairings, etc. 


The leitmotif of the website in three words: quality, simplicity, accessibility. gathers women, men, a Facebook community of over 9000 people, who share and exchange about wine.




Beware no compensation will be sent abroad, apart from thank you cards.


Thirst for learning


With 5 years of existence, we desire to evolve towards a website which claims to be more and more complete and accessible.

We wish to be considered as a reference for the wine lovers who are keen on discovering this sensory universe, a perfect harmony between the sky, the Earth and the human beings. It seems important to us to put a face on the players of this professional area in order to bring them closer to the consumers.






Founded in 2012, the website is not consistent with the new identity of anymore. Our will is to build an encyclopedia accessible to all, to spread the field of knowledge related to wine.


Adapt to our times, this is the possibility of having in his pocket. Thus, our objective is to share contents that can be read on new means of communication and all over the world. 


This tip, key element of, is shared on a weekly basis on the website. It includes a piece of historical information, an anecdote about a wine-growing estate, a grape variety, etc. We wish to make them all accessible and to store them. 


We wish to develop a section on wine preservation including useful hints. We would like to write articles about olfaction. This is a key sense in wine tasting in that the major part we taste, is actually “smelt”. 

   Title-ouverture-eng-1494669327   Today, is a community which gathers 72 countries. We are willing to develop the accessibility of the website by offering a multilingual version (French, English, Italian, Spanish and Chinese). We will translate the present content and will publish new contents in these five foreign languages.  Sanspub-eng-1494669380 focuses on web browsing without advertisement. However we are sensitive to humanitarian causes, therefore we wish to dedicate a space on the website to promote one or a few associations encouraging children education.


The web navigation has changed a lot and continues to evolve. Today, at world level, the mobile navigation on the Internet (smartphones and tablets) has overcome the navigation from a computer.


In France, it represents 30% of the internet connections. We will upgrade the website by proposing a responsive version, which adapts to these supports. 





In the long-term, we would like to develop an occasional e-commerce activity so as to sell on a serie or on a limited time, treasures offering a quality/price ratio still unknown from the mainstream. 




The video has become essential because it reaches the preference of the internet users at 76% in terms of contents. We want to integrate this support into our learning approach to create funny content.



The idea is to discover a wine designation through the interview of a wine-grower, an illustrated report, with sound and text



Title-conseil-eng-1494669745, this is also its founder, Jessy Grand, who offers wine tasting classes at home, in your restaurants or for the attention of your works councils.








Waar dient de collecte voor




All along his professional career, Jessy has made a surprising assessment: in France, around 95% of the people who like wine do not dare to approach it, seeing it as a very complex world and not accessible enough. 


From this assumption, as a true fan he designed and created the website in 2012. Since then, he develops his website during his free time. Today, in order to keep on making wine more accessible, we need you to finance our project:


1/ Remake of the website (new features, translation, etc.)

2/ More coverages on the Northern Rhone Valley wine designations.







MAY-JUNE :  Production of the coverages on wine designations Côte-Rotie, Condrieu and Saint Joseph

JUNE-AUGUST :  Development of the site 

                              Writing of the new contents

                              Translation of the contents

SEPTEMBER : Launch of the site version 1       



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