Vintimille - Athènes : 2300km à pied

August 2015. Ben & Leo will begin their 2300km walk. They will have 3 months to reach Athens starting from Ventimiglia. Support them !

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Vintimille - Athènes : 2300km à pied

When we were in 11th grade, we often wanted to leave school. We had running joke about going to Istanbul, then Athens. But with time we began to  seriously think of doing this project !




We will leave next August from VENTIMIGLIA, follow the Italian coastline towards GENOVA to reach FIRENZE, then cross the country and join the other coast, until we get to BARI.


From there, we'll take a boat to CORFU in Greece. We'll walk down the Greek coast, visiting historic sites like DELPHI.


Then we will finally reach the long awaited destination : ATHENES !!




The trip will last 3 months. 2300km that our feet will endure with more or less difficulty (even though we know it is going to be more !). We'll be leaving in August, and be back in November.




The budget of the project is of 4280€


We participated in the "Cité-Rêves" (Dream-City) program of the town we live in (that aids students in their journeys, whatever they may be) Grasse in France, which allowed us to acquire 2000€.




We looked for jobs to bring more funds into the project. Our efforts and the one of our families earned us 1500€.


We now have 3500€ and some equipment.


This is why we need YOU to help finish financing this long walk, so that the project may take place in the best of conditions.


We are counting on you !



Post-project :


During the walk, we are planning on keeping a travel journal which we wish to self-publish afterwards.


We gave ourselves the challenge of only taking photos with a Polaroïd, limiting ourselves to 40 photos during the trip. We will insert them in the travel journal once finished (and published, we hope).


Finally, Benjamin Courtois, one of the two walkers would like, in the distant future, to direct a movie based on the journal.


If you participate, you give these works a chance to come to life.


Thank you for your attention !

Waar dient de collecte voor

The budget is separated in many categories.


The biggest part of it will help us eat and sleep (respectively 1080 et 1260€)


 The equipment constitutes another part of the budget.


If you participate in financing the project, your money will help us buy different accessories (polaroid films),  tickets (boat and plane Athens-Nice), and the rest of the equipment (shoes, tent...), insurance, phone access, Internet, and all the secondary daily costs.

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Socks that belonged to us during the trip (dedicated with the smell obviously)
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  • Levering December 2015

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A dedicated copy of a Polaroid photo of the trip with a summary of the moment when the photo was taken.
  • Backers: 2
  • Beschikbaarheid: 28/30
  • Levering December 2015

Voor €5

Copies dédicacées de pages du carnet de bord Dedicated copies of the travel journal's pages.
  • Backers: 2
  • Beschikbaarheid: 28/30
  • Levering December 2015

Voor €15

En vue d'une publication éventuelle du carnet de voyage, une édition de ce-dernier dédicacée par nous. In the event of the journal being published, a dedicated copy of it.
  • Backers: 5
  • Beschikbaarheid: 35/40
  • Levering Augustus 2015

Voor €20

Thanks on the Facebook page of the project during the trip :
  • Backers: 2
  • Levering Augustus 2015

Voor €30

A post card sent during the trip :)
  • Backers: 3
  • Beschikbaarheid: 7/10
  • Levering Augustus 2015

Voor €50

An accessory bought during the trip representing the place where we bought it and a thanks letter.
  • Backers: 3
  • Beschikbaarheid: 2/5
  • Levering December 2015

Voor €70

A video tape of the moment of your choice during the trip.
  • Backers: 2
  • Beschikbaarheid: 1/3
  • Levering Augustus 2015

Voor €400

Equipment to leave with us.
  • Beschikbaarheid: 1/1
  • Levering Maart 2015

Voor €500

A road sigh from Athens.
  • Beschikbaarheid: 1/1
  • Levering Augustus 2015

Voor €1.000

All our gratitude. Sincerely. Kiss.
  • Levering Maart 2015

Voor €2.000

A flight ticket to-and-fro to Athens to come and visit us.
  • Levering Maart 2015

Voor €40.000

An Alfa Romeo GT. Used.
  • Levering Maart 2015

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