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Wednesday, March 20, 2013
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▽IRTUALITÉ is a paper magazine, 100 % recycled, published in English and French, distributed in Paris, Nice, Berlin and New York for free

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Virtualité Magazine

➔ ▽IRTUALITÉ is an independent publication which seeks to translate under visual works the impact of new technologies on everyday life. It aims at promoting the work of emerging artists who are inscisively engaging themselves and their work in these concepts.


➔ The publication has authority to generate a dialogue between various disciplines. The project becomes an open space of expression, involving itself each time in the individual artistic practices of each of its' participants around a common theme. Issue One will involve a visual artist, a philosophopher or a photographer. Each subsequent issue will be the object of a call to participation.


➔ Each new publication will be a test of artistic freedoms and accessible to all on selected points. An exclusive object, with an environmentally responsible design, 12 pages in the format A4: in contrast to the everyday format of a magazine, in the character of limited edition, and with attention being paid to scope and finishes, as well as the inclusion of theoretical texts.


➔ The magazine will be distributed in artistic institutions, in France (Palais de Tokyo, Villa Arson, galleries and bookshops), as well as in Berlin and New York. The publication will be biannual.







Newspaper 12 pages, format A4

Paper recycled 100 % 2000 copies

Languages : French and English




For more information, you can consult our website :




Founder and publisher  :

Johann Bouché-Pillon (Paris)


Artists : 


Alexandra Guillot (Nice)


Ingrid Luquet-Gad (Berlin)


Amy Mascena (New York)

Waar dient de collecte voor

We need 1000 $ to finance the realization of Virtuality Magazine :


700 $ - Printing

200 $ - Dispatch Paris, NY and Berlin

100 $ - Other costs [business cards, website charges, postal dispatches, ...]



Magazine : 12 pages 

A4 format

100% recycled paper

Offset 4 colors 

2000 copies  

Will be deliver for free in  Paris, Nice, Berlin & New York

Business cards, communication

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