Vivarium occupies Tangente!

Help us remount the performance Vivarium for indoor spaces in Montréal and beyond!

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Caisse Desjardins de la Culture ondersteunt het project: Vivarium occupies Tangente!Tangente ondersteunt het project: Vivarium occupies Tangente!

Vivarium occupies Tangente!

In partnership with Desjardins Caisse de la Culture and KissKissBankBank, Tangente is proud to kick start an innovative project aimed at supporting artists.


Eight artists from Tangente’s next season received a training session provided by Desjardins Caisse de la Culture and Nathalie Courville, KissKissBankBank’s Canadian ambassador, who is an expert in communications and funding in the culture field. HEC Montréal was also part the training with Professor Renaud Legoux who gave a workshop about marketing of cultural industries.


The artists are entirely responsible for the planning and the management of their own campaigns, and Desjardins Caisse de la Culture adds 500$ to the first 1000$ the artists raise.




A cyclic and playful meditation, VIVARIUM is a poetic allegiance to the unsung life persisting in neglected spaces.You are invited to visit a site where artists give their attention to detail, bending to weeds, bricks, and bugs. Two dancers oscillate limbs and torsos like Coleoptera or heliotropic plants — they jostle, camouflage, and compost. A musician plays field recordings, weaving a soundscape. A scenographer creates a pop-up garden from found-objects. In the lee of the linear time, Vivarium both colonises and pollinates, generates and contaminates pre-existing ecologies.



Vivarium_-_photo_mar_a_a._m_nera___interpr_te_paige_culley-1501688180 Paige Culley © María A. Múnera (video still)




Space is never empty. We try to work in a mode of soft manifesto — listening — in a spirit of equality and compassion. The performance is an exercise in placing value on alternative ways of moving and being moved through the world. We endeavour to cohabit spaces with other humans, non-human others, and objects, inspired by the drama of a garden, and attempt to resist prescriptiveness, worry, and harm. The paradox does not escape us. Patrick’s sound is a poem to the many voices in the field, but simultaneously drowns the hush of the air. As Noémie gardens, she contends with her conflicting roles as both fertilizer and colonizer. As Paige and Lucy dance, they both empathize with and trample what is at their feet. Our work began in 2014 in Hochelaga, and we continue our adaptations, outdoors and in.



(Noémie Avidar & Patrick Conan © Lucy M. May)




Lucy M. May   -   Artistic Direction, Costume Design, Movement

Noémie Avidar   -   Scenography & Installation

Paige Culley   -   Movement, Costume Design

Patrick Conan   -   Sound Design



Outside Eyes: Peter James, Sasha Kleinplatz


Thank youVivarium was created with support from Bête Sauvage, La danse sur les routes du Québec / Jouer Dehors 2017 & 2018, Monument National / LA SERRE — arts vivants, M-A-I (Montréal, Art Interculturels), École nationale de théâtre du Canada, Bête Sauvage and Erin Fortier, Nathan Yaffe, Stephen Glasgow, Marie-Chantale Desrosiers and the photographers & videographers Dorian Nuskind-Oder, Nans Bortuzzo, Emily Gan, Erin Fortier, María A. Múnera, Zuzu Knew


Vivarium is part of Jouer Dehors 2017 & 2018 | La Danse sur les routes du Québec


Previously performed at: Les Salons de l'est / Home Theatre Festival, Hochelaga, Montréal, May 25, 2014 Suoni per il Popolo, Montréal, Québec, École Nationale de théâtre, June 14th, 2017




“That was a really great show!!!” Jacob Wren


“What a wonderful experience it was to sit through the dancers' fantastical journey as creatures of a Vivarium. The intimations of insects, ants, flies, bees, aphids and whatever else, the names of which I do not know, was so palpable. The moments of extreme stillness, of hidden presences lost behind a tree, a bush, a bench, were particularly intriguing. The artists created an atmosphere, a world that came to life, also thanks to the contrasting contribution of scenographer Noémie Avidar's role. Her presence was so pertinent. Everything she did was essential without being precious nor self-conscious. Patrick Conan's ambiant music played its vital role in contributing to and sustaining the atmosphere.” An audience member

Waar dient de collecte voor


Your donation will help us remount our installation for four performances for the corridors of l’Édifice Wilder Espace Danse. We are performing four shows in March/April 2018 at Tangente Danse, at the heart of the Montreal dance community! We want to adapt our work to the nuances of performing inside a glass, steel and concrete box instead of in the wind and dirt of vacant lots.




Our piece is inspired in greatly by The Gift, a book by Lewis Hyde. As equals, Lucy, Noémie, Patrick and Paige have invested hundreds of hours and dollars into Vivarium since 2014. We share authorship of the work, and prioritize DIY and anti-commercial practices.

This new adventure will involve more hours of experimentation and questioning, imagining and testing, to honour the poetic and political ethos of Vivarium. We wish to continue developing this way of cohabiting space and time communally. Help us reach our first fundraising goal of CAD $2270, and Caisse de la Culture will offer us an additional CAD $500!



Vivarium was created in 2014 for Les Salons de l'est in Hochelaga, Montréal, a project by an independent neighbourhood collective. This year, we presented Vivarium for the perennial Montréal experimental music festival Suoni Per Il Popolo, with support from The National Theatre School of Canada. We have received residencies for research and creation from LA SERRE — arts vivants / Le Monument-National and M-A-I (Montréal, Art Interculturels), and our peers have graced us with many talents and resources in supporting the project development. Tangente will provide promotion, residencies, technical support, and a guarantee which will cover 90% of the artists’ performance fees for four performances in 2018.



We were selected for a second year to participate in the mentorship program Jouer Dehors from La danse sur les routes du Québec. We plan to tour the work in and beyond Montréal in the year to come, and to the Maritimes. Your donation will help us offer Vivarium to new communities in the months to come!






First KissKissBankBank goal — CAD $2270     •    20 hours of rehearsal fees for four artists     •    9 hours of fees for an Outside eye 


** Caisse de la culture bonus — CAD $500     •    Basic needs for scenography and soundscape     •    Remaining 10% of the artist’s show fees     •    Work safety coverage for four artists


Second Kiss Kiss Bank Bank goal — CAD $3670     •    10 more hours of Artists fees and work safety coverage     •    10 hours of studio rental     •    Documentation of the performance     •    Transportation of material to and from Tangente and our residencies.     •    5 hours of advising with Technical Director


Above and beyond — CAD $3670 +     •    Further fees to the artists for rehearsal hours, conceptualization and composition     •    Administrative labour     •    Additional materials and costumes adaptations     •    Equipment rentals


Additional funding sources being solicited:     •    Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec     •    Coup de pouce from Le Regroupement québécois de la danse

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