Voyage solidaire à Cuba

Help us to realized a schoolar school actions in order to help cuban people. Contribuate to financing school supplies and hygienic supplies.

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Voyage solidaire à Cuba

We are a group of 33 high school students who wants to travel to Cuba with a humanitarian purpose in October 2015, during our senior year.  We come from Notre-Dame d’Espérance High School in Saint-Nazaire (Northwest of France).

This trip is fully organised by Mrs. Lesage who's one of ours Spanish teacher. Thanks to her we will discover La Havana, the city of Cienfuegos, one of the treasures of the Hispanic architecture, the Viñales valley with its tobacco fields and Trinidad city, both belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage. We will stay at the hotel and at the inhabitant's houses.

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Going and discovering the culture and history of Cuba will be a concrete extension of the Spanish class. Moreover, it will also be an occasion for us to perform a solidarity action by taking with us medicine, school supplies and essential products.

It will also be a time travel witch will also allow us to discover and enjoy the Cuban music and the Cuban soul.


We will be pleased to share moments with young Cubans of Cienfugos, a city which has a humanitarian and technical cooperative partnership with ours, Saint-Nazaire.

Beyond the supportive dimension, the first aim of this trip is to meet the Cuban population, to discover another way of life, with its traditions and its culture. We want to live a unique human experience by travelling differently outside the beaten tracks.




The solidarity extent of the project also means to us find the money by ourselves. Thus, we were really encouraged to find a summer job (some of us has entierly finence the trip by themselves : the trip is absolutely not elitist).  and we organised few actions to raise funds such as :

·         Garage sales

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We realized few posters to present our project during the garage sales


·         Giant lottery organized in the high school with the help of the Student Council

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o    (You can learn more about this action on the facebook page of our Student Council :


·         Cake, toffee with salted butter (local speciality) made by ourselves sellings.

·         Lily of the Valley selling on May 1st

·         Provided help to the organisation of the « Sardinade » (which is a lounge where sardines, sausages, mussels, fries, buckwheat pancakes, crêpes and others can be eaten in a festive musical atmosphere) structured by the Lion's Clubs of the area.

·         Initiatives for September 2015 : gaming tournament and zumba initiation.

·         We are running a fundraising on this website. All the texts you are currently reading are fully written by students concerned by this project.


Somos un grupo de 33 alumnos de segundo curso de bachillerato del instituto Notre Dame d’Espérance de Saint Nazaire (44) y tenemos el proyecto de realizar un viaje solidario a Cuba del 14 al 24 de octubre de 2015 durante nuestro último curso de bachillerato.

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This fundraising will let us finance material for Cuban people: informatics components, school supplies, medicine and hygiene products.


Each student will brings some schools supplies (1 pencil case, 1 colored pencils pocket, 1 ball point pock,  1 felt tip pen pocket, 4 notebooks and 1 calculator) and some hygienes products (4 tubes of tooth paste, 2 shampoos, 4 soaps) to a cuban counterpart.


What's more, we will bring some informatic componants for the cuban peoples : 20 USB Flashdrives, 30 wifi keys to permit the internet connexion of one cumptuter parc of a school and 4 scientific calculator for a high school class. We found some calculator inside our high school but we wants to bring themselves some new ones.


If the go over the sum of the fundraising, all the excess will serve to buy more informatic components.


Here is our budget :


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