WatcHelp : an application designed to empower people affected with mental disabilities.






Where does this idea come from?


For the last eight years, the world of special needs became my world. What assessment have I made ? People with special needs are very often deprived of what we care the most about: independance. Some people are partially dependent; others are totally. One day I said to myself: this is not possible, with the present-day technology, how can’t we find a way to help more ? So I thought ... I looked ... I searched...






I appealed to all the knowledge I had acquired in recent years with my son and my professional life. And finally, I found !






For whom is this application ?


For all those concerned with cognitive impairment (deterioration of mental processes of memory, judgment, understanding and reasoning) related to:


- Old age

- Alzheimer's disease

- Parkinson's disease

- MS (multiple sclerosis)

- ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

- ASD (autism spectrum disorder)

- Brain injury (brain damage due to stroke, aneurysm rupture, assault, domestic accident...)

- Down Syndrome

- Huntington disease




What is the concept ?


The concept is very simple. I asked myself the question : "how could all these people perform multiple daily tasks without constantly having someone with them ?".


Answer : by helping them remember instructions, not by voice but with a connected watch !


So I designed an application with which one could just program information and it is sent directly onto the watch.





For this I am planning functions that enable to create:


- Sequential, themes, showing step-by-step tasks.

- A schedule for the day, week, month... comprised of images and / or text that can trigger alerts

for every important appointment.

- Memos, so that the person knows how to act in a destabilizing situation.




Is it easy to use ?


Yes ! I offer an intuitive and functional application, giving you complete freedom in the choice of texts, photos and various options.




- I create a sequential on "wash yourself"

- I program at specific times, different tasks he / she will perform.

- I insert an image and / or text of my choice for the task.






I activate (or not) the "recall" function, allowing me to verify that the task has been completed. For instance : "are you in the shower ?" Question to which he must answer "yes" or "no", by clicking on his watch !






If after two reminders that meet "no", or if the person does not respond, an alert will appear instantly on your phone. In both cases, you can show an image or a reassuring message (of your choice) to help him/her to be patient until you are there.






If he answers "yes", you have the opportunity to congratulate him with the image of your choice (recommended for children).






If I want, I duplicate this sequential on all days of the week and / or the following weeks.




What happens if he answers "no" after two reminders ? Can we stop or suspend the operation of the sequential ?


These two functions are actually provided. You will be able to stop or suspend the sequence. I planned these functions to give you time to intervene with the person using the watch. Indeed, if he does not accomplish the requested task, that means he may be in trouble. You can then stop the next alerts and reminders or simply suspend the sequence for 5, 10 or 30 minutes. This does not prevent the next sequence to trig at scheduled times.




Another example :


I create his schedule this week:






- I select the date and I program the time at which he/she should get ready to leave and the time at which he/she must go to an appointment.


- I insert an image and / or text corresponding to the schedule.


- I activate (or not) the "recall", allowing me to check for example that he/she has arrived at the appointment.  

- If I wish, I duplicate these appointments on other days of the week and / or the following weeks.







Last example:


I create memos to anticipate the problems he might face in everyday life.


For example : "I lost my keys".






I offer a solution, using images and / or text corresponding to the various steps that he/she will have to follow. He/she will only have to scroll through the pictures from right to left on the watch.







What I need to use this application ?


This application requires the use of your smartphone and the one of the person you care for, and a watch connected with touch screen. On your smartphone, you must setup at least Android 4.1 (90% of Android smartphones) or minimum 7 to iOS for iOS (97% iphones).


This application will be available in French, English and Spanish




Which watch should I use ?


No matter the brand. This application will work with all the connected watches. If you and the user of the watch have an Android smartphone, you will need an Android Wear connected watch. If you and the user of the watch have an iPhone, then you will need an Apple Watch .




How does it work exactly ?


You will program alerts and reminders from WatcHelp application, which will be installed on your phone. These alerts and reminders will be sent to the other phone on the days and hours scheduled, which will make them appear instantly on the watch.







Does he/she need to have a phone at all times for the application to work ?


- As long as your phone has transmitted the information to the other phone, the watch will operate completely autonomously.


- However, if for example you need to make a change of schedule during the day and he/she doesn't have a phone, it will not work.




Can another person use this application ? A professional who takes care of my child for example ?


If its a person you trust and you allow it,yes of course. All you need to do is transfer your passwords.

The professional will then add the new sequence needed for the child's work session.   




Will the application be free of charge ?


No, of course not.

And for several reasons :


- One of the main benefits of paid apps is that they can get rid of the ads that clutter too many applications.


- On the other hand if I succeed, thanks to you, to run this application on both platforms, I will be very happy but it will be the first step - yes, only the first step - of a long trip : a trip that we call life cycle of an application (monitor, analyze and report the performance of the application, apply mobile marketing strategy, branding work, develop the application based the comments and suggestions of users etc ...).


- To cover the costs required of me regarding the dissemination of the application on Google Play Store and App Store, and the cost of accommodation on the server.




Can I test this application for free before ?


Yes of course ! The WatcHelp application includes 2 versions: free and paid. The first serving as evaluation function. If the application appeals to a user, he can then buy the full version to be able to use all its features. The paid version will be charged 2.90€/month by direct debit.




Do you have any further questions ?


Do not hesitate to contact me by email at the following address :

Waar dient de collecte voor




Many thanks for taking the time to read this and for your interest in my project. I hope one day, millions of people worldwide will gain independence through us. I will do everything possible to achieve this goal in any case :-).





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