WHER’UP, La plateforme participative d’événements communautaires / The participatory platform for community events.

Get involved in a dynamic project that allows you to share and learn from daily life events.

Visueel van project WHER’UP, La plateforme participative d’événements communautaires / The participatory platform for community events.
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WHER’UP, La plateforme participative d’événements communautaires / The participatory platform for community events.



Do you ever wondered… What happens around me ? I want to do something but, what ? Where ? When ?


By connecting to the WHER’UP platform, you will be aware of all events happening live around you or in the world, thanks to publications posted by the community, your followers or your friends. With WHER’UP, discover, explore, share and express yourself over the event you are living:










Post for FREE all events to the community, your followers and your friends, thanks to the WHER’UP Classic account. To enhance your experience on the platform, we will offer additional services with advanced features to increase your comfort of use:


Plus Balloon : It allows you to have additional features when creating your balloon to attract the WHER'UP community to you.


Advance Account : By transforming your account WHER'UP Classic in WHER'UP Advance Account, you enjoy an enriched service for the daily use of the platform and advanced options to increase comfort in creating your events.


      Advance Plus Balloon : It lets you enjoy all the features to maximize the publication and visibility of your events on the platform. The Advance Plus Balloon is available only when you have subscribed to Advance Account.





Pierre-Arnaud MALINOWSKI : WHER'UP founder.

Graduate in International Finance Management and after a year and a half in the Finance sector, Pierre-Arnaud decided to plunge into the entrepreneurial world by dedicating entirely to this ambitious project since over a year. He drives the WHER'UP vision and growth.


David COMBES : WHER'UP co-founder

Serial entrepreneur and experienced in the sector of Research and IT development (bioinformatics, community platform and online booking), David drives the WHER'UP mobile and web development.


WHER’UP is design by NabpiDesign, creative studio 360 international, specialized in visual identity.





The WHER’UP mobile application is currently under development and we hope to launch the beta version, which you can participate in via Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry Operating Systems. WHER'UP also have a website to complement the platform.



Waar dient de collecte voor

This fundraising has two essential and complementary objectives:


FIRST, follow the project funding :

We urge for your contribution because we are currently financing the project with our own money (development of the platform, IT hosting, communication supports, technology supports, etc.). In addition, we wish to offer you the best experience on the most available technologies and for that, we need additional funds. We estimated our immediate needs at a minimum of € 10,000 to be distributed as :





SECOND, actively involve you in our project:

As described above, WHER'UP is a platform for discovery, exploration, sharing and expression dedicated to its users. Through this philosophy, we want to reward you for your donations by giving you access to advanced features and make you actively participate in the development. You will be involved in the process of research and development by submitting your ideas and features to develop. Those will be voted by the community and integrated into the application. Then you will be rewarded with the opportunity to test the new versions developed. A platform made by the community for the community is what matters most to us. Your involvement is essential in this project.



And if we exceed the goal?


Your support would be the recognition of our work. Each additional euro raised will allow us to finance additional functionalities not included today because of the lack of resources as well as structural, technological and commercial development.

We wish to implement multi-language support, video streaming, sound recordings, API, Widgets, instant messaging, websites and blogs integration to bring you the best of WHER’UP experience.



If you like the WHER'UP project, PLEASE like our Facebook and Twitter.

We give you an appointment for the upcoming launch of WHER'UP’s application and website.


More information on www.wherup.com


You wish more information? Have queries? Do not hesitate to contact us on contact@wherup.com




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