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WHITE NOTE is : Nicolas Boblin (lead singer, folk guitar), Paul Jarret (electric guitar), Antoine Karacostas (keyboard), Sébastien Hurtel (bass), Dimitris Bouchez (drums)




After a first album "Undo Me" released in 2011, and an EP "AMITO" which was recorded thanks to kissbankers contributions, we are now working on a new opus.


This album will be named "Oppositionnal Defiant Disorder", and will offer 9 tracks, including some which are already viewable on youtube played live, like "Lust For", "That's All Folks", "Shima" or "Coma".


Most of the titles have been recorded at Mastoid Studio by Maxime Lunel, who is also our Artistic Director on that album project. Extra musicians were recorded at Aeronef Studio by Antoine Karacostas (our keyboard player). We still need to record the piano and the vocal parts.


This album lyrics will be about different society subjects, as rape trivialization or Fukushima sacrified children, as well as some others more intimate, or lighter themes.





White Note's project is ambitious. While we are clearly a rock band (folk guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, bass, drums), it's only an excuse to do music, in the wide sense. We are very influenced by any kinds of sounds or music styles, and we want to put this variety of influences into service for music.


That is why this album will make room to a lot of guests, whom we thank warmly for their involvment. The scores, written by Nicolas (singer), are remarkably well-performed, and the recordings already are wonderful!


Guests :


- PHIA & Josh the Cat : Australian singer and her acolyte that we met at the great Melodica Festival came to Paris to share a few concerts with us, and so they offer theirs voices as well as some kalimba on the track "Plan B", which will be very warm and welcoming!




- wind instruments : you will hear Cyril Normand / french horn, Axel Rigaud / tenor sax and Léo Pellet / trombone, especially on "That's All Folks", of which you can find a live video at Bus Palladium below (here it's Camille Chemel-Arnaud playing the french horn).



- a string quartet : Olivia Benedetto / violon 1, Elisa Drame / violon 2, Emma Girbal / viola, and Juliette Serrad / cello. Strings tone will enrich considerably the album, and will bring so much expressiveness!




- a choir : recorded in Saint-Denys de La Chapelle Church in Paris, with the kind permission of father Arnaud, the choir will shake the album walls powerfully! Made up of : Fabien Aubé (choir conductor), Oriane Laurent (soprano), Lisa Mancin (alto/soprano), Julia Drouot (alto), Atsushi Murakami (tenor), Jean-Damien Mottot (tenor), Pierre-Emmanuel Boré (bass), Pierre Beller (bass).






When we recorded AMITO, we invited a wind quintet to play on one track. This first experience with others musicians really showed us the possibilities of a wider instrumentarium, with extra musicians collaborations.


So, we've shot a video-cover of 'Welcome Home' (Radical Face) in march 2013, with Camille Chemel-Arnaud / french horn, Johan Blanc / trombone and Julien Thénard / trombone. This video is closed to 26.000 views on youtube!



All Minds Involved Taken Off means that we're lucky to be very well supported, by talented friends who are joining us into this adventure. Our main technicians (among a lot of others friends helping in any kinds of ways) are : Hadrien Coupechoux (live sound engineer), Yohann Marionnet (live lightning engineer), Antoine Dupuy (graphist), Xavière Stephan (creation), Claire Robiche (cameraman/editing), Benoit Saidlitz (cameraman), Marion Lucas (editing).


Of course, All Minds Involved Taken Off is aimed at every single kissbanker, past and future :)

Waar dient de collecte voor

The record is almost done, but it's only the first step of a lot more. Here is the forecast budget :




5 days x 266€


Recording is the first step, as you got it. We've recorded most of the tracks all-together at the same time, to keep the live energy . However, a lot of parts were added on each track in post-production.




10 days x 250€


Mixing is the art of matching intruments and sounds together, so they find a nice and cosy place in your ears. It will be Maxime Lunel's work, still at Mastoid studio, and we can say that it won't be a piece of cake to mix this mess!




100€ per track mastered


Mastering is making the music listenable on different players, whatever they are, and bringing some particular color to the tracks.





Once the audio part is done, you need to find the right graphism which will relay your music. This work is as much important as music creation, but we will let this part to someone who actually knows very well how to do it, Antoine Dupuy, who did AMITO wonderful animated CD cover.


Then comes the time of pressing, that means to duplicate CD with covers or cadiers.




Contract for 3 to 4 months of promotion & communication


What's the use to do all that work if the result is not even heard? That's why we need a press agent. His role is to communicate a lot before and during the album release, so it gets a big visibility.


TOTAL: 7730€


It's a lot. We've spend 2000€ already, and we have 2500€ remaining. We need 3000€ more to go, and that's why we need you!

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