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Our group offers you a journey among various influences. Live a new adventure with sunny rhythms under a starry sky, between desert and sea. Music infused with its traditional origins with an electronic zest.

Our music can be categorized on urban pop as by Latin and Mediterranean sounds such as RAÏ with a confrontation between electronics and acoustics. WN is preparing an album called “Electronic Nostalgia.” Our lyrics speak of love, time and the social.

Artist :


Born in Algeria in 1994, Abdou is a songwriter and performer. He took his first steps in art, between dance, music and cinema at the age of 12. Surrounded by great masters, Abdou moves towards the music which enriched him through various traditional and current varieties.

Humanist and committed, he wants to spread music without borders through his productions with his touch of love and poetry. Wengy has collaborated alongside Lotfi Attar (Raina rai band), Tinariwen band, Hmitcha from Mafia Crew band and official DJ of Soolking.


Born in Slovenia, Neyla grew up in Algeria until the beginning of the 90s. Settled in France, she continued an education course until she was 28 years old. Always passionate about music, Neyla met Wengy and decided to collaborate on their project.


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The funds will be used to finance our recording equipment, music video design and studio recording. We would like to finalize our project and it is thanks to you that we could bring it to life and distribute it. Our project does not stop there, we plan to produce more songs, many tours to be planned to ignite the musical scenes in France and Europe. Thank you in advance for your precious support! :)

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