WØLF Alive in America!

Support the making of a LIVE album, documentary and photo book on my first American tour!

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WØLF Alive in America!

After more than 100 houseshows across France and Europe, I finally set off to discover American lands. But also to discover Americans, and people from elsewhere. An old dream come true.

I will cross the United States from east to west, from April 3rd to May 29th, 2019. I will visit the following cities and places:

* New York
* Portland (Maine)
* Boston
* Atlanta
* New Orleans
* Chicago
* Detroit
* St Louis
* Austin
* El Paso
* Los Angeles
* Santa Barbara
* San Francisco
* Seattle
* Vancouver
* Portland (Oregon)
* Yosemite
* Bodie / Reno
* Mammoth lake
* Sequoia park
* Death valley
* Calico
* Las vegas
* Grand canyon
* Antelope/bryce canyon/horseshoe bend
* Monument valley
* Joshua tree 
* Bombay beach


This trip will be both musical and photographic. It will mix my 2 passions and projects to make only one experience, that I wish to share with you!

I will continue to take polaroids for my existing series, and I will also start a new film series for the occasion!

You can visit the 2 websites for my music and my photos:




This tour will be an opportunity to meet and collaborate with local musicians and artists. I will record each concert, and the live CD that I propose in this crowdfunding will be a collection of the best moments of the tour.
You will be able to live this journey through a documentary on DVD which will retrace all this journey of 9 169 miles (14 756 kms). You will see the warm and intimate atmosphere of these concerts in apartment, but also incredible landscapes. It will be shot mostly by my photographer friend Isol Buffy (http://www.isolbuffy.com/) who will join me on this tour!
You will discover these sets through a booklet in addition to the CD, including lyrics of the songs, etc.
You can also travel as if we were gone together, through a photo book (Polaroid and analog) which will be my logbook. You can live this tour as if you were there!


The entirety of the rewards is thought in the same spirit as the tour itself: totally DIY!

The new visuals of the CD, booklet, poster, DVD and book come from a collaboration with the artist Ms. Hooper, whose work can be seen on these few photos, and on her facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/mmehooper/) and instagram (http://www.instagram.com/mmehooper).
The process used is the linocut, it allows to manually print each object, which makes them unique every time!

The whole tour is organized by myself, without any intermediary. Some concerts will take place in venues or bars, but most will be houseshows, or concerts in apartment. People will welcome me to their homes, their gardens, their modest apartments to share with their friends a musical, intimate and friendly moment.

Here is an example of the touring atmosphere, with a link to the tour report of the August 2018 tour with my friend Johan and his project Accident instantané:

If you want to collaborate one way or another during the trip, contact me!

Waar dient de collecte voor

The money will be used for the remuneration of the artist Ms. Hooper for her visuals created for this tour, the production of live CDs, CD booklets, documentary DVDs, photo books, the reproduction of polaroids ... and the sending counterparties!

I will receive all the money collected to pay for these counterparts.

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