World Of Women / Edition #1

World Of Women develops a panorama of incredible women. Help us in making them stand out!

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World Of Women / Edition #1

Female figures are often not depicted at their fair value. The aim of the association World Of Women is to meet inspiring and committed women around the world and highlight their successful stories.

Studies on women’s conditions will be conducted in each country and a final report will be published for each continent. Information will be gathered around the five following thematics: economics, politics, education, culture and sexuality. 

The project is based on a long-term vision: each year, a new team will convey the study in a different continent to complete this panorama of incredible women.

World Of Women is a multi-channel media based on a podcast, a newsletter, video reports and written reports. 

For the first edition, we decided to start the project in Africa from July to December 2019.


World Of Women is an association led by Selma GASC and Isolde ROUMY, two business school students (ESSEC and emlyon) strongly committed to the empowerment of women within our contemporary society.


Waar dient de collecte voor

To make this project happen, we really need you ! 


We estimated a total budget of 15 000€ to complete the first edition. We hope to obtain at least 3000€ with this crowdfunding, which represents 20% of our total budget. The remaining 80% will be funded by self-financing, state subventions and partner companies. 


The crowdfunding will be used to fund the first steps of the project World Of Women to allow World Of Women to finance the first steps of the project, namely:

- 1 150€ for equipments: camera (900€), recorder (150€), microphone (80€), tripod (20€)

- 1 800€ for transports:  plane tickets for the first stopes, namely Morocco, Egypt and Ethiopia

- Kiss Kiss Bank Bank: the fund-raising platform and the security bank system takes a commission of 8% on the collected funds


Act for women empowerment, finance us! 


You have a question? You know inspiring women in France, Africa or elsewhere?

Contact us!


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