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Hydrao, la douche intelligente / the smart shower

Hardware, Environment, Design of objects

Project visual Hydrao, la douche intelligente / the smart shower
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Gabriel DM
Friday, December 19, 2014
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How much water do you think you used during your last shower ? Saving water is no more than playing, playing with color lights

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NOOVA supports the project Hydrao, la douche intelligente / the smart shower
Can I replace my own shower head device with hydrao ?
Yes, assembly is totally standard, just screw Hydrao on standard shower hose
Do we need a smartphone to use hydrao ?
No, the basic version is simple and made for all. No skill is required. It has pre-programmed thresholds: flashing red at 50 litres. No need to program anything with a smartphone. Bluetooth Version is different. It allows more possibilities such as changing colors or thresholds and monitoring consumption on a smartphone.
When Hydrao will be available ?
As soon as the crowdfunding campaign is finished we will launch manufacturing. The critical path is the supply of the electronic chips as it can take up to 22 weeks. We still keep the objective to deliver the products before the end of march 2015
Is the same device covering both versions ?
No, there are 2 different products: a basic version without bluetooth and a “connected” version including bluetooth chips to customize the product thanks to a smartphone.
What is the life time of Hydrao ?
As any other shower head (wear, scaling, …)
Do you need a battery to run Hydrao
No, Hydrao is definitely autonomous. No battery needed.
Will hydrao be shipped abroad (outside France)?
Yes, we will use a partner that offers this possibility (We will try our best to offer the shipment cost if not too much specific)
Does Hydrao come with a warranty ?
In this first crowdfunding phase, there is no after sales service. This will be set up, according to the legal obligations, as soon as we have started commercialization.
At what distance can you control hydrao with smartphone?
In this first product, we use the standard bluetooth communication, which works up to a few meters range
Can we control Hydrao through Wifi?
Not yet, a future version using Wifi and working with a longer range can be imagined (but the issue of power consumption will need to be addressed due to absence of battery)
Are the apps free ?
Yes, the first applications can be downloaded for free (IOS and Android)
What kind of apps are already avaible ?
Up to now, only basic versions are under development (choice of thresholds and colors, consumption report). If the demand for the connected version is high (during crowdfunding), we will use the funds raised to develop others