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Saturday, December 22, 2012
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I always tried to give the best to you, and I am proud of what I made, to see happy dancers in training or competitions, when they listened to and danced on my musics. But now to make even more, I need you... I invested lot of me, for you offer the best, but for grow in the excellence, i need you, i really need you. Lot of reward available (and if you want to give more that the reward, it is also possible.) If you like all my remixes... Join this project :)

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Antoine Delvig (DJ DanceSport)

Hello to everybody,


Thibaud Russo or DJ : Antoine Delvig. Dancesport dancer, 2010 French Standards Ballroom Youth Champion, but also a DJ Composer and Remixer of DanceSport, recognized all over the world and supported by all the best latin compositor in the world. If you want to help him, to continues to have lot of free remixes, it is now. :)


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I really need you now, you need share the project :)


Thanks you :)

Allocation of funds

This collection will serve to grow my home-studio.


To equip my home-studio with :


New studio speakers (exemple : Pionner S-DJ05W : Informationwith the support for the speakers, new professionnal soundcard, new studio headphones et lot of others stuffs...


The price of the rewards go to everybody (10 in 150€, but you give what you want even if it is more 150€ and even if you want to give directly a big part of my project, it's also possible).  I do not ask an expensive goal, to be sure to finish my objective.


Thanks You.



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