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In 2020, 78% of the projects presented on the platform are successful. Start your crowdfunding campaign now!

The key? Personal coaching for your campaign

  • A coach to advise you on the layout of your project page and your communication strategy throughout the campaign and the shipping of your rewards.
  • A team of experts for each industry, close to your needs and issues.
  • A blog and free tutorial videos to help you become a crowdfunding expert!

3 solutions to raise funds and finance my project

Donation in exchange for rewards

Suitable for all projects, let your imagination speak for itself to thank your contributors.

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Recommended to launch your creations, brand, products or to test a prototype. Also works very well to manage your event ticketing.

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Free donation

Ideal for education, philanthropic, heritage, ecological and personal projects.

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What are the main steps to start my campaign?

  1. I set the amount I want to raise and the estimated time to reach it (up to 60 days).

  2. I fill-in my project's presentation page.

  3. I receive advice from a coach to boost my campaign and maximize my chances of success.

  4. When I am ready, I launch my project and reach out to my communities.

Our tips for a successful campaign

We take care of your projects and personal data

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