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3 methods to finance your project

3 methods to finance your project

Launch a kitty with a goal to reach

Ideal to finance your projects quickly.

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Launch a pre-order campaign

Ideal for testing your new products.

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Start a subscription campaign

Ideal for financing you over the long term.

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KissKissBankBank makes its revolution: you set our commission


Starting from 0%EV commission for you.

Simply set up a fundraising campaign to raise a small amount of money quickly from your close circle!

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    2 rewards per campaign
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    Free donation
  • icons/alertes/done.svg
    Application to calls for projects
  • icons/alertes/done.svg
    Contribution export
6%incl. VAT

Starting from 5%EV commission on the amount you raise.

Optimise your campaign with a wide range of features designed to raise a few thousand euros!

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    All campaign formats (fundraising, pre-orders, subscription)
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    Access to collective webinars and KissKiss Datings
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    Extend your campaign (extratime)
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    Pre-launch page to rally your community around your upcoming campaign
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    Advanced statistics to manage your campaign
12%incl. VAT

Starting from 10%EV commission on the amount you raise.

Raise tens of thousands of euros with the strategic support of our experts!

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    Strategic and personalized support
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    Highlighting on KissKissBankBank communication channels
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    Access to personalized tools to optimize your campaign
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    Possibility to get your funds in several installments once the goal is reached
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    Modularity of the goal and/or end date of your campaign
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    Priority customer service

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Assess, optimize and boost your projectOur experts handle your project and are there for you. They help you to save time, get more pledges and increase your visibility, all easily and at a very competitive price.
Choose your financing methodChoose fundraising, pre-sales or subscription to generate and maintain your income, thanks to the most competitive rates on the market.
We support you every step of the wayOur experts will share their know-how with you and advise you throughout the creation of your project. Customized support is included in our Pro and Expert offers.
Engage your community with our featuresPersonalize your project page, interact with your community, create your rewards, collect the money when you want and access our toolbox to make your life easier!

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