HEAP : A fresh Music Publishing company

HEAP Publishing, a new music publishing company based in the heart of Europe

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HEAP : A fresh Music Publishing company

<blockquote> <p>Newly settled, Heap is a company specializing in music publishing which I decided to establish in Luxembourg,my country of residence. In the midst of the digital era, the mission of Heap is to bring emerging and gifted songwriters to this fast paced market and propel them in the financial success of their craft.<br /> &nbsp;</p> </blockquote> <p><strong>My path and what brought me here&nbsp;</strong><br /> <br /> When I look back, my interest in music commenced&nbsp;a decade ago, 2010, when I started messing with a cracked version of Logic Pro. Shortly after, I enrolled in an audio engineering school and became active in the live/recording studio&nbsp;scene of the industry around 2015. At&nbsp;the same time, I linked up with some local songwriters needing recording and mixing services. At first, I thought that producing (as of the technical aspect) was going to be my ultimate path but as I gradually discovered the operating of the musical industry, I got captivated by the producing/ artist development aspect of the music. 2017 marked the establishment of <a href="https://www.sprcp.com" target="_blank">Superior Recipe</a>, initially a Record Producer/composer group, which quickly started to run&nbsp;as a Record Label. Through all the related activities such as music creation, artist development, distribution, audience growth, etc. my attention increasingly shifted towards the Music Publishing matter which kept showing up in conversations I had and articles I read.</p> <p>In late 2019, I decided I would dive deep into the subject and gather as much information as I could. Books and hours of research later, I was fully hooked by that unfamiliar business. I took Music Business&nbsp;online classes at the berklee&nbsp;school to enhance my knowledge on that subject. During the summer, I set up a limited liability company named &quot;HEAP&quot; and it is now the beginning of an exciting adventure as a music publisher.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <strong>So what&#39;s the project ? What will Heap do ?</strong><br /> <br /> Simply put, Heap&#39;s major&nbsp;goal is to represent talented songwriters/composers and unveil their music&nbsp;to the broadest audience possible. Simultaneously, Heap will&nbsp;assist its songwriters to maximize their revenue sources. Those who know me, know I have always been closely attached to the Hiphop scene. It&nbsp;hasn&#39;t changed and my intent to work with the finest creators in that genre is clear.&nbsp;Furthermore, my associate and I have already focused on the long term vision of Heap.</p> <p>The digital era and AI&nbsp;is in full expansion and its potential is huge. We keep close attention to every opportunity.&nbsp;We believe music consumption, songwriter&#39;s remuneration system&nbsp;and the music industry&#39;s business model will drastically evolve in the coming years... and we will be there to contribute.</p> <hr /> <p><br /> <strong>Your contribution</strong></p> <p>If I opted, partially, for the crowd funding option, it is because I believe in the power of uniting ressources. None of the great entrepreneurs of our time made it without getting external leverage.&nbsp;</p> <p>Since Heap&#39;s main activity is based upon copyright administration, untagible products, it was quite tough for me to come up with ways to thank you! Hopefully, my reward plans can serve some of you. Your contribution will help me tremendously to advance in the development of Heap and for that I sincerely thank you all !&nbsp;</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>📃&nbsp;<strong>Legal fees - 1200 &euro;</strong><br /> Agreements within the music industry, in particular the music publishing is based on all kind of contracts. The writing of solid, up to date&nbsp;contracts is a primary step.<br /> <br /> 💶&nbsp;<strong>Advance fund - 1000&euro;</strong><br /> In order to have a certain amount of leverage when approaching some more advanced songwriters/recording artists, the set up of an advance on royalties fund seems crucial.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> 🌐&nbsp;<strong>Branding - 1000&euro;</strong><br /> A portion of the fund will be injected into&nbsp;marketing activities to bring alive the brand&nbsp;HEAP. Firstly, a powerful logo will be designed. Then, a bunch of visual artwork will need to be created for the company itself as well as for the songwriters.<br /> <br /> 📱<strong>Ad campaigns&nbsp;- 600&euro;</strong><br /> Another portion will be allocated to ad campaigns during the first months of launch.<br /> <br /> 🎞&nbsp;<strong>Video clips - 1000&euro;</strong><br /> I want to participate financially in the visual content creation process. Offering this service gives extra leverage when it comes to acquiring new copyrights and growing the music catalogue of HEAP.<br /> <br /> 🎚 <strong>Professional&nbsp;Mastering &nbsp;- 400&euro;</strong><br /> Depending of the recording artist situation, a music publisher might step in and cover the mastering costs. My experience in the field of sound engineering will help me choosing the best mastering engineers to polish up the first projects.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> 📑&nbsp;<strong>Administrative fees - 320 &euro;&nbsp;</strong><br /> The last share of the fund will be used to cover different administrative fees such as songwriter registration with PROs (Performing Rights Organizations), musical work registration at the copyright office and so on.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>&nbsp;Kisskissbankbank fee (8%) - 480&euro;</strong></p>

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