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Hello everybody !


My team and myself welcome you all on the page of our project.





L’Oiseau (The Bird) is born from a reflection about family and its meaning. Is the family bond only defined by blood? Isn’t family a question of love and respect ?


The idea of it grew in my mind, the framework of the scenario. Then came the question of violence. When domestic, it is openly discussed and denounced, but a veil of silence seems to fall over the one that is relative to a parent/child relationship. That’s how I discovered the heart of my film: how do you deal with the violence of a father against his children when they’ve been under his control since their earliest days, and most importantly, how do you show the different impacts that a situation like this can have on twins specifically. It was then clear, the film would have to take up the challenge to not only represent realistic characters but also the physical and psychological consequences of a life of violence.






Cassie and Loukas are twins. Since their earliest days, they have been in a very symbiotic relationship, protecting one another. It’s only after their mother’s death a few years earlier, that their father, Frank, became drunk and violent. If on the surface the family seems happy, they are drowning more and more in violence. Cassie feels responsible for her father. She stays and accepts the beatings as a punishment, hoping that she can fix her family. Loukas on the other hand, understands that this situation is impossible, and that Cassie is the victim of a father who isn’t one anymore. He wants to leave, but not without his sister. He’s tried several times to convince her, without any luck, it’s alone against a critical event that Cassie will have to make the choice of her life: stay with a violent father she hopes she can save, or leave with her twin brother towards a life of freedom?






Though the film will deal with violence, it will be barely demonstrated on the screen. I wish to favor a psychological atmosphere which will show the effects of a life of violence on the characters. I also want a nuanced point of view, meaning that all family scenes will be filled with tension, but every scene outside of the family circle will be lighter and happier. Thus, I wish to show that it's difficult to notice people who are being abused physically and/or psychologically. The music will be sweet yet powerful and will follow the evolution of the story as well as reflect the characters' state of mind. As for the images, they will have lackluster whilst filming the violent scenes and more vibrant during the calmer ones, and the visuals will evolve with the film too. All in all, we will make the most of every cinematographic techniques to offer you the best experience possible.









Immersed in the world of theater since she was 11, Lisa has always been attracted to the artistic universe. After 8 years in the Compagnie du Souffle 14, she dedicated herself entirely to her passion by doing a bachelor in film studies and spending her last year in San Francisco as part of an exchange program. She then came back to acting during a 6 month dramatic arts program in Vancouver, and she’s now back in Paris where she studies at Acting International.











CASSIE : Lisa Hurel



As previously said, Lisa has some experience in arts and most of all a true passion for acting. She gives a 100% of herself to the things she loves and aspires to make a great impact on this world with her talent. And as the famous Antoine de Saint-Exupéry says “Make your life a dream, and your dream, a reality.” Lisa with her diverse experiences in cinema and theater will play the role of Cassie, Frank's daughter and Loukas' twin sister, battered but incapable of leaving behind the hope of one day saving her father.



LOUKAS : Alexandre Forlot



Fascinated with theater and cinema since his earlier days, Alexandre grew up surrounded by art. He started to act when he was about 11 years old in an acting troupe called Croquignols Juniors, then later on, participated in the film workshop of his town, Kertoon Studio. It’s only after a preparatory class and a bachelor in mathematics that he dedicated himself entirely to acting, where he’s also currently studying at Acting International. He will play Loukas, Cassie’s twin brother, who cannot bear the violence of their father, who the character has deemed incompetent.



FRANK : Alexander Cole



This actor attended several schools and workshops, and has already performed in many short films and plays. Today, he gives us his passion and talent to give life to the violent Frank, father of the twins.




ADAM : Victor Manolis



Victor began theatre fours years ago with night classes at the Centre des Arts de la Scène, then kept on going with a professional 3 years training at Acting International (Paris). He notably played in some of Courteline's short plays (directed by Akim Ben Afsia). In 2016 he plays the main character (Mirou) in L'Etoile sans nom from Mihail Sebastian, directed by Guillaume Lefort. In the film, he will be playing Adam, a dreamer and sweet guy, in love with Cassie.




MARIE, Solenn Perossier



Solenn will be starting her third year at Acting International next October to hone her acting skills in this last year of the course. She's already acted in scenes from Molière, Shakespeare and Chekhov, as well as contemporary authors and even worked on how to create a clown. She will play Marie, Loukas' best friend and the rebel of the group of friends who brings this touch of crazy.




NATALIA : Miriam Tinarelli



Of italian origins, Miriam already worked on three short-films in Italia before coming to Paris for a one year workshop. That's where she discovered Acting International where she just spent two years. She will be playing Natalia, a friend of the twins, very close to Cassie, who likes to be seen and be beautiful but has a heart of gold. She's the only one who worries about Cassie.




PAUL : Marcel Adnan Yildiz




Marcel spent two years at La Frabryk, often playing extravagant parts. It's his first experience in the world of cinema. He will be playing Paul, a friend of the twins and Adam's childhood best friend. He is an extravagant young man and embraces life in all its ways, whatever the price. He will bring the laughter and lightness to the film.





The casting is still in progress so all the actors aren't yet presented on this page but it will be announced soon.








COMPOSER : Jeanne-Peri Foucault



Playing the piano since the age of 4, Jeanne-Peri was always drawn towards music. After a bachelor in film studies at Paris Diderot, she studied at the music conservatory Schola Cantorum. She’s been composing for a long time but it’s only in 2015 that she started working in the professional world of film music.   



SINGER/SONGWRITER: Florian Bertonnier



It’s after his stunning performances in La Nouvelle Star (the French equivalent of American Idol) that Florian became known to the French people. His peculiar universe and sweet yet powerful voice helped him get to the finale. Then, in April 2016, his first album came out, with his band Refuge. He kindly accepted that we use one of his songs as well as writing an original song for the film.







Vale, of Italian origins, has a true passion for drawing since their earlier days. Learning to draw by themselves, Vale perfected their innate talent at their own hands. Currently enrolled in a biology bachelor, they wish to study animation in order to create animated films where they will be able to show their wonderful drawings to the whole world.




Thanks to India Chakraverty for helping me edit all this in English !

Allocation of funds


The fund-raising will mostly be used for gear rentals and food.


Our team will mainly be volunteers but we wish to at least defray them, meaning we would need between 300 and 400€. Of course, we will also need funds to rent the material necessary to the making of the film. The amount we would need for that is 700€ for the rental of camera lenses, lights and filters, microphones (ie a lapel microphone is 20€ per day), and everything that we will need to offer you a good quality film.


For some locations we will shoot in, we will need funds to get the proper authorizations. We wish to create a realistic atmosphere to promote our story, with settings that we would like to have the liberty to choose. Thus, knowing that some locations will let us shoot for free, we’ll need around 100€ for the others (park, train, flats).


As for food, it often seems trivial, but it is in reality a very important part of the budget. Filmmaking is before all a human adventure, and it’s only with a full stomach that our actors and technicians can give their very best to provide you the best results possible! That’s why 300€ are consecrated to food, so that we can have full meals that will give us the strength to create this film.


Then there will be post-production, editing, calibration ;  in short, everything that needs to be corrected so that the footage can be shaped into a real film. And for that we would need about 300€.


And of course there's the percentage taken by KissKissBankBank on our collect, and the funds we'll use to offer you those great rewards !


Finally, once finished, we will need funds to promote the film and be able to project it in theatres and festivals !


For the moment, we planned to shoot for 7 days between the 21st of Septembre and the 5th of October 2016, and so we wish to be done with the financial aspect before shooting. That’s why we need your support !


If our objective is reached and goes beyond what we ask for, we will use the extra money to promote our film even more, pay the places that kindly gave us authorizations to shoot our film, but mainly to pay our technical and artistic team as well as our actors, everyone that helped us give life to this film !


All in all, funds will help us create our dream film, that can move you and please you, in the most optimal conditions.


Because this film isn’t only made for us. It’s before all, made for you.


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