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Paris Unplugged l'Émission




Since 2011, the Paris Unplugged website has been revisiting the past 150 years of the capital’s history.


Today, we are taking this passion even further and we are proud to present the audiovisual extension of the concept, a documentary series entitled "Paris Unplugged TV".


"Paris Unplugged TV", a collection of short films with a unique and innovative staging, will offer a new and different perspective on Parisian neighborhoods and historical facts.


Our project will allow an even wider audience to reclaim the history of this breathtaking capital, in a fun and very entertaining fashion.



Building the subway


Breaking the codes to renew our perception of time.


Not only does "Paris Unplugged TV" paint the big picture of Paris’s rich heritage, it also explores its trivia. Whether it is places, anecdotes or news items from the past, we offer a unique and original perspective on the events presented.


At "Paris Unplugged TV", we bring history to you, but we also tell you enthralling stories in the form of thirteen-minute episodes, guaranteed to keep you riveted to the screen.


Creating a powerful identity requires taking risks in framing, lighting and editing. We will mix and match visual codes from film, video clips and comics.

Sound is a powerful emotional and suggestive vector and will play a key role in these films. The archival and contemporary images of the stories will be enhanced by a variety of sound effects.


“Paris Unplugged TV” will also be the spot where you will discover new artists, putting the limelight on photographers and musicians of talent. 


All episodes will be subtitled in English.



By choosing a short and dynamic entertainment format, we hope to reach a wider audience and offer them a fresh new perspective on the history of Paris.


Paris Unplugged turns the clock back ? Come take a ride with us ?




Place de la Concorde - Exposition Universelle 1900



Saint Ouen Avenue's railorad station 

Allocation of funds



This first fundraising venture will last 50 days. The target amount of €6,000 covers the cost of the first episodes. Every €6,000 in excess of the target amount, will allow us to produce a new episode. In the event that the excess is less than the cost of an episode, the extra funds will be used to go even further in our creative process.


The contributors whose donations exceed a certain threshold, will receive a gift of a short video dedicated to the history of a neighborhood that is close to their heart.


The funds raised will enable us to finance the production as follows:


Filming (2200 euros) ;

Editing and visual design  (3000 euros) ;

Sound (800 euros).



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