Help our 4 students team to undertake a both social and professionalizing mission within the framework of the NGO Gawad Kalinga


The project

                     WAOUH!!! We reached our 600 euros-goal! We could not be prouder, nor toucher by this incredible support. Now, your rapidity pushed us into expanding our ambitions. The slightest additional euros means a lot for us, for a wider project, for a higher quality of the materials we are going to us, for a better follow-up of the villagers. Help us double our goal and reach 1200 euros by the end of the fund-raising! 



We are a team of  four business school students (HEC, ESSEC, IESEG), committed to a both social and professionalizing mission within the framework of the NGO Gawad Kalinga, a team determined to provide a small Filipino village with a both material and professional help, a team ready to share its desire to be entrepreneurial, but above all a dynamic, motivated and responsible team.  




Since 2003, Gawad Kalinga has worked on lifting millions of Filipino families from poverty. To do so, Gawad Kalinga implements an innovating approach that is mainly based on the development of solidarity-based communities enjoying an active, sustainable support.   Gawad Kalinga, thanks to its volunteers and different partners - private companies, government institutions, military institutions, and so on - has turned slums into healthy and productive villages.   





To sum up Gawad Kalinga by figures: more than 2300 villages have been built since 2003, more than one million Filipinos have been rehoused. The objective: to emerge 5 million families from poverty by 2024.  





GK Volunteers have carried out many missions. Here are some examples: 


- The GK Estaban project in 2014 for 2 months. Volunteers provided lessons at Sibol School (kindergarten) every morning, built gardens, purchased equipments and created paths between the village and the gardens, organized the Smiling day - an awareness campaign aiming at encouraging tooth brushing for village children and distributing toothbrushes and toothpastes. The cleanness of the village has been enhanced: villagers have been prompted to organize a regular garbage collection and made aware about selective refuse collection. Furthermore, a pigsty has been built and a mango jam business has been launched.   





- The GK Sooc Arevalo project in 2015 during 2 months. The French based theirs actions in two features: health and village cohesiveness. To do so, they implemented sanitary programs - the dental mission and the feeding program - and organized events to infuse unity within the villagers, such as the Talent Show or the Olympic Games. They also built a square in the village, the mini Plaza Sooc to reinforce cohesion too.  




Our team is eager to put a lot into our mission and to carry out our project which will follow the framework and the intensity of our predecessors'. 


We will make sure our project will be fully in accordance with the villagers' needs and expectations.





Why fund it?

The collection will help us finance our mission, which will take place betwenn July 3rd and August 28th 2016.


Thanks to your help, we will be able to finance:    

- the communication about our project and bout the NGO Gawad Kalinga in order to enhance the visibility of the cause we are committed to, with flyers in our schools and videos, 100 euros  

- a donation to Gawad Kalinga

- but above all the implementation of our project in the village (purchase of equipment, fournitures needed for the launch of the social business), 1000 euros.



The more we get your support, the more we will be able to improve the daily life of the Filipino villagers ! 


Je m'appelle Clémence Laevens, je suis étudiante en L3 à HEC Paris et actuellement en échange universitaire à Hong-Kong.

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