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The project

                                              Do you know what is this?






                                                  what about this?




                                                            or even this?









                                                         Let's go further:


                                 Which one of these next images do you see?




 do you see this?






 or this one? 





                                       well... actually it's one and the same  

                                       and you're looking at the same image



                                                 but you can't see that  







                                                  Because you need this :




                                                                 and than...



                                                            YOU WILL SEE :





                     They are called anamorphosis, for about 500 years for now.



                                              when  ANAMORPHOSIS 











                                                 Results =  REflect











                                              The Concept :



Society today tends to be in permanent search for novelty, as a restless challenge. We look but we don’t really see.


“RE-flect" is an unconventional public display medium that applies graphic and optical illusion techniques to various geometrical shapes with mirrored surfaces.

The result of this approach is an innovative and surprising way to convey a powerful message based on the synergy of the mirrored shapes and the graphic artworks.







                                         Intro = Solution


While still considering all the traditional methods used for visual display in public spaces mostly based on billboards, banners, posters and TV screens, I have thought of another visual communication tool that applies principles specific to graphic design on various geometric shapes: cylinder, cube, pyramid. Designed for display in public spaces, the size of these geometrical shapes serving as support can vary based on the location of the installation and on the particular message.  


This is just a sneak peek of what Reflect is all about. Discover an entire new way to see and experience public display by using geometrical shapes with 360* views.  Reality is becoming interesting, don't you think?





                        Why RE-think existing communication environments



     As technology advances and various ways to express ideas are coming to life (such as new media, animations, 3D, augmented reality), the need to always come up with something new.


     When was the last time you were “touched” by seeing a banner on the street? I have noticed that, as certain people grow familiar to various things, they stop perceiving them especially when it comes to advertising billboards, banners and TV screens. Information that may be useful and interesting, is missed out, as the impact that it once had on people has decreased. In an ever-rushing world, where everyone needs more time and where people lack spare time, we only react to new, innovative and out-of-the-box ideas.




All of the shapes with a height of 1.50 - 3,00 m, shall reflect on their surface the artwork containing the message either in an horizontal or a vertical plan (depending on the plan if it's on the ground, or on the wall). When it comes to the artwork, this is created by applying anamorphosis principles which follow complex calculations and drawing techniques. This makes the artwork placed on the ground or on the wall, display the drawing and its message in a clear and accurate way.   Shapes+ Anamorphosis = REflect













                                                    Cub, Cylinder,  Pyramid  



The shapes can be set both indoor and outdoor.  


The cub and pyramid can support and present 4 anamorphosis, that could be either composing the same artwork/ graphic either 4 different graphics.


The cylinder has a 360 degrees of artwork destined to present that can be either a single graphic/layout, or it can be split/ divided in more parts, and present more messages.  




                          The Anamorphosis for the Cube Shape






                    The Anamorphosis for the Pyramid Shape






                         Examples of artwork/ graphic, design















Taking into account the above, I have considered that the novelty introduced by geometric shapes with mirrored surfaces shall certainly draw attention, providing a high rate of perception for the conveyed message.    My hope is that people, while passing by such a display, would stop for a second and wonder: ”Hey, what is this?” Taking a break to understand the system's functionality, people shall also be inclined to "decipher" its message.

Being a completely sustainable solution, REflect has no energy consumption, it’s eco-friendly and pollution-free.




Why fund it?

So do you want to make this happen?




     I am launching “Reflect” as a brand new communication medium, so that brands, advertising agencies and consumers altogether, can discover and engage with this new concept as a completely new platform for visual communication. I am hoping that people would perceive Reflect as a much-needed change to the standard forms of display which are most frequently unable to express an idea or a creative concept at its full potential.




      By using REflect you will definitely capture your audience’s attention.




-Out of the ordinary shapes in a public space - > capture attention



-You can express your ideas/ message in a creative, clear, out of the box way.



-Versatile - adaptable to other more innovative types of messaging: for brands, organizations, associations, institutions, artists, etc.




     To build and bring REflect for the first time in contact with people at a large scale in public areas we are displaying it for the first time during the Europe Refresh events (Brussels, Paris) and during three real-live exhibits in the biggest public places in Brussels, Bucharest and Paris.



Because the project has a high level of complexity, in order to bring REflect to life we need your support.





Total Budget: 22,000 EUR



13,000 : Costs for the model shapes and the full scale shapes (superior quality manufacturing) including:  


- 5,000: Cover cost for the foil for: pyramid, cube and cylinder.          

- 4,000: Cover cost for the material for the shapes structure.         

- 4,000: Cover cost for the fabrication/manufacturing of the model shapes.




4,000 : Cover costs for the artworks, both event and exhibits, including:      


- graphic            

- anamorphic calculation implantation            

- print            

- planish 




3,000 : Cover transportation costs for the model shapes to the events.



2,000 : support cost of displaying the project in Brussels, Bucharest and Paris (authorizations, materials)




      Fundraising will be used basically in developing and realizing the project - production : receiving public space approvals (public squares, buildings, parks, train stations, airports, museums, public complex, malls etc.) materials, chromed boards, special foils, metal structures, fabrication/building up the geometrical bodies in the factory, math calculating the anamorphose plans, perspective, grids for the anamorphosis, test of projecting the anamorphosis, building different artworks concepts for each shape, realizing the big artworks, printing/ painting directly on special foils, laminating the foils/graphics, transport of equipment, tool, assembled entire system, paying the workers, the services, and other intermediate phases of the making process. 

Also in developing and presenting the project's concept along with it's purpose, it's goals, to let people know that their are other ways of reading information of seeing/perceiving information, to communicate in the world, not only with banners, posters, TV screens. To attract and connect with different networks, partners, collaborators, cultural institutes, events, organizations, that want and that are able to understand it's benefits and that are willing to help the project be realized. To try during the fundraising process, by spreading the word, to get financial and media support and to receive approvals (for different locations, indoor, outdoor) to implement the display system in public spaces.


The future/applicability of the project

Creative initiative and projects, with REflect.

I offer the public display to anyone that wants to collaborate for short or longer term and I’m also available regarding REflect in various visual/ communication directions along with the field of anamorphosis.









Alice Helen Zigman

I'm Alice Helen Zigman, a visual artist, who build up her knowledge in fields like, visual communication, graphic(motion) design, illustration,painting, doing my studies of BA and MA diplomas at UNArte, form Bucharest, Romania and another MA at Academie des Beaux Arts from Tournai, Belgium, in film animation, video and media, and having as a childhood... See more