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Passion by crossing disciplines and heated to white we shiv with sharp works! Schlass éditions is : / design research around the editorial object / artists with sharpened skills and curiosity / experimentation that hits the spot! Schlass Editions is 7 members with their own universe ready to collide! This gathering of independent Mulhouse actors was born from a desire to work together around collections and themes specific to each one. This small comity that we form is in charge of questioning each project and helping its realization with our own skills. From their conception to their realization, the projects are printed and shaped as much as possible in the workshops of the members of SCHLASS. The goal is to create and promote our vision of the book, in a micro-publishing and art-publishing environment that is in constant bloom. Members : Iva Šintić: Visual artist, designer, illustrator and author of micro-publishing series. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Zagreb and at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. Her work regularly creates a relationship between physical and mental space and their interference. She is the originator of the book superposition. Julie Wittich : Color designer, graphic designer and bookbinder, she was formed at the ESAL- Epinal and at the ISCID. She designs books and spaces on a freelance basis from her Motoco workshop in Mulhouse. She federated all the members of the association, motivated by her love of beautiful books and micro-publishing. @julie_wittich Mathias Zieba : Works between Mulhouse, Strasbourg and Geneva. Competent in design, typography and plastic creation since the end of his studies at the Hear Mulhouse (2010) and the HEAD Geneva (2012). David Allart : Independent artist installed in le Séchoir Mulhouse. He responds to orders for graphic design, illustration and art printing in silkscreen and lithography. Lisa Jaeggy : Ceramic artist from the European Institute of Ceramic Arts and illustrator. She currently works in her studio at Le Séchoir. @lisajaeggy Jacques Lopez : Visual artist and silk-screen printer, he collaborates with many artists of the local area in the realization of projects of silk-screen printing, digital art and editions in the workshop PRITOCO. @jacquesmade Marie Primard : Trained in Basketry Art following a textile and plastic practice within the HEAR Mulhouse she lives and works in Mulhouse, founding member in the Collectif Tête de Bois. @primardmarie Our missions : We make the choice to edit in small series, in order to privilege the artisanal manufacture which opens us a wide way of experimentation of the object, but which limits the quantity. We are committed to the local production of our editions, because of the range of production possibilities already present within SCHLASS, but also because of the collaboration with local printers. We are committed to paying the authors fairly, being ourselves by our practice, confronted with this problem daily. What better way to start the work of our publishing house than to launch our first book: SUPERPOSITION The artist's book "SUPERPOSITION" is the result of the association's first collaboration. We wish to share the approach of Ouissem Moalla young visual artist; his work is dissected and highlighted through the pages by the artist / designer Iva Šintić. ... months of research / manipulations / exchanges / several formats / three types of binding / two models, were necessary to find the form that fits the reading. This unique object will unfold in your hands in several parts : - The analysis of this system of visual creation, base of the work of painting and drawing of Ouissem Moalla. This part will be printed in silk-screen printing. This principle of printing by the superposition of layers of translucent colors, enters in logical resonance with the presented system. -A selection of images from this work in digital printing. Faithful reproduction of paintings, tarot cards, weavings, notes and sketches. Now, it is ready to be printed! Ouissem Moalla : Born in 1990 in Stockholm (Sweden), Ouissem Moalla is an artist from Sfax (Tunisia). He pursues a self-taught path, after brief studies at the Haute École des Arts du Rhin and apprenticeships with practicing artists. Based in Mulhouse, he distributes his work in France, Germany and Japan. He develops concepts of language related to mysticism and western hermeticism that he experiments with through artistic expression. His productions materialize in multiple aspects and are organized in series, each one constituting a path of investigation in response to the problematic he raises. This research is fueled by popular culture and philosophical developments around the image and memory.

Allocation of funds

The pre-order campaign is the condition that will allow our house to publish this book and the following more ambitious ones to see the day. In order to promote this medium and this work, the idea of directly addressing the public through this financing seems obvious to us. We plan to publish the book in a limited edition of 200 numbered copies. Below is the financial breakdown of the project: 70% of the proceeds will be used for the digital and screen printing of the book. 10% for paper ordered from Fedrigoni . 10% in working capital for the association allowing us to promote the book, covering travel to trade shows and general expenses. 5% is dedicated to the binding budget and supplies for it. 5% goes to kisskissbank


Thanks !


Big Thank you! Your name written on our page dedicated to our contributors and sponsors at

Estimated delivery: November 2021

Stickers Schlass Editions


Collection of exclusive stickers and a big thanks on the contributor page.

Estimated delivery: February 2022

Playing Cards and poster


Poster 40x30 cm of a page of the book showing the part of constructive elements in the paintings of Ouissem Moalla + Set of four drawings of Ouissem Moalla printed in the playing card format

Estimated delivery: February 2022

T-shirt Schlass editions


T-shirt screen printed in one color in organic cotton, front print, sleeve and neck.

Estimated delivery: February 2022

Superposition - the book


    The Book Superposition: Hermes

    Estimated delivery: February 2022

    Screen printed poster


      Limited edition poster, printed in serigraphy by PRI TOCO, signed and numbered by the author, 42X60 cm

      Estimated delivery: November 2021

      Superposition + Screen printed poster


        The book Superposition : Hermès and the limited edition poster, screen printed by PRI TOCO, signed and numbered by the author, 42x60 cm

        Estimated delivery: February 2022

        Signed edition + 2 t-shirt Schlass éditions


          Signed edition by Ouissem Moalla with dedication + Two screen-printed T-shirts in one color in organic cotton, front, sleeve and neck printing.

          Superposition + studio visits and a party !


            Spend the day with us! We propose a tour of our studios. We finish the tour with a Schlass-party. The book, the big poster and a series of small presents are included.

            Portrait painted by Ouissem Moalla + Superposition - the book + the poster


              Your original portrait created by Ouissem Moalla. The format fitting the book, the book and the big poster included.

              Golden Knife + Superposition + A day studio visits and a party !


                Become an honorary member of the association, receive the poster book and t-shirt as well as the next edition of Schlass as a priority. We invite you to share a few drinks with the Schlass Editions team and the artists of our workshops after a nice visit. We end the visit with a Schlass-party. A series of small additional gifts is included.

                Estimated delivery: February 2022

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