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Help to fund a spirited world traveler on an uncommon adventure on the US West Coast!

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US West Coast Bus Trip

My  dream


The opportunity has been given to me to participate on a bus trip to the sublime West Coast of the United States, with exchange students from all over the world! It's now my dearest wish to be part of it, to quench my thirst of adventures and to take some unique pictures of amazing landscapes and share them with the world. And you can help me to make this dream come true!


Who I am


My name is Agathe Chevrier, I'm 16 and I'm from France (Grenoble). Cinema is my first passion (I'm presenting a radio program about it, podcasts are at this link: But I'm also a pianist (I started playing 12 years ago), a video maker, as well as an amateur comedian, painter, photographer and sculptor. I also cycle (I've been National Champion with my team in 2013), ski, and fence.


But the thing I love to do above all, is to discover more, to go further outside of my comfort zone, and to further my understanding of different cultures. To learn more, as Eleanor Roosevelt has so well said: "When you stop learning you stop living." To tell the truth, I’m thirsty for adventures, travels, strong emotions, incredible landscapes, and moreover, for living my dream instead of dreaming my life in my little bedroom in a unknown land of France.

It is pretty normal, as a 16 year-old teenager, to have an insatiable desire for discoveries and doing everything to satisfy it... right?


My little world


I'm currently 6,000 km (3,728 miles) away from my home in France. Since August, 21 2016, I've been here in the USA taking part in a year-long Rotary Youth Exchange Program (, During the course of the year, I'll be living with 3 different host families in the same community and I'm currently attending their local public high school, like most American teenagers.The purpose is to be immersed in a new culture for a year and come back to my home country with a new mindset and a new look on life. This West Coast bus trip is proposed to every rotary exchange student as a "final adventure" at the end of the year. In my case, I can't afford it by myself (my visa doesn't  allow me to work) and this is why I need your help!


My Project


My hope is going to explore the West Coast from June 23rd to July 6th 2017. Discovering this part of the United States and taking pictures of it has always been a lifetime  dream of many, and now for me, it's at an arm's length distance! As photography is also one of my passions, my photos will be posted on my blog ( all along the adventure, available just a few hours after being taken! I'll also post a picture a day on Instagram, which will allow you to follow my itinerary "live": .


In addition, I will create a video that will combine what I've seen, loved, met and 100% lived during this extraordinary Bus Trip. It will be my way to share with you a piece of my dream and transmit this simple message that people around me may sometimes forget : Living out your dreams is possible! You can currently watch some other videos I made on youtube, in particular the one below, done during a weekend in Boston with 13 others exchange students :



Allocation of funds

The collected funds will be used to finance the entire cost of the bus trip (organized by,  in partnership with the Rotary Youth Exchange Program), including transportation (bus between/in cities), housing (hotel for 13 nights), food (hotel breakfast, lunch and dinner still to precise), coordinators, monitors and chaperones, and activities (Entrance fee for the Grand Canyon National Park and Yosemite National Park, Tickets to the Stratosphere tower, to Universal Theme Park, to an amusement park in Los Angeles, to Alcatraz and a cable car ride in San Francisco, a night city tour in Las Vegas, city tours in all cities that we're going to visit, and local specialized guides) during these 14 days (June, 23rd to July, 6th).


The itinerary  will start in Phoenix, and we'll then drive to Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Yosemite and San Francisco:




The funds will be placed into my parent's bank account (Stéphane et Hélène Chevrier) in France, as they will be in charge of my finances because I'm still a minor.


Should I collect more than the required amount, the additional funds will be used to pay the airfare from Boston-Phoenix, not included in the cost requested by the travel agency.


This bus trip opportunity is offered to all exchange students in North America. I'll therefore be living with many other exchange students! They're extraordinary people, with a totally different point of view about life, the world, and how it works. Having had discussions with a few of  them has already made a tremendous impact on me!

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