HELP FUNDING 1DayNomad to introduce people to Bedouins in Lebanon and to experience an authentic inter-cutural exchange !

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1DayNomad aims at introducing people to Bedouins culture and history in Lebanon while offering a neutral and safe place for personal development, relaxation and inter-cultural understanding. We are hoping to offer a meaningful experience by allowing any person to reach out to the other.


From families to individuals looking for adventure, nature, or a silent space to reflect and rest, 1DayNomad will offer two different types of week-ends:


-"the adventure and discoveries" formula:

A full week-end with the Bedouins including: Bedouin food (traditional dinner, breakfast and lunch), hike in the mountains, discover how they make goat cheese, and take part in many manual workshops.


- "the personal development" formula :

This includes all of the above in addition to moments of silence, hike during sunrise, debate around the bonfire and workshops mainly focused on mediation, cultural understanding and personal development.



We hope to make this unique experience accessible to anyone, keeping in mind that this organization also aims at preserving the Bedouin culture remaining in an eco-friendly mindset.

   If you want to grasp some of the cultural differences between Bedouins and people living in cities, watch this documentary made by Patrick Issa and filmed in Lebanese mountains.

À quoi servira la collecte

This fundraising will help us launch the first 3 week-ends covering the expenses for : marketing leaflets and posters:  450 $ Transportation : 600$ Notebooks  :  200$ Food:   600$ Workshop equipment : 450$ Cloth- scarf:  200$ Website expenses: 350$ Total : 2 850$  

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5 €

Get a sweet personalized video from the Bedouins with a message including your name and all our gratitude! ;)
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15 €

Choose a printed postcard of the Bedouins and the beautiful landscapes of Lebanon! + get an Audio CD with traditional bedouin music.
  • 5 contributeurs
  • Livraison estimée décembre 2014

30 €

A printed postcard of the Bedouins and the landscapes + a CD with traditional bedouin music + a piece of handmade cloth by the Bedouins
  • Livraison estimée octobre 2014

50 €

-A printed postcard of the Bédouins + a piece of handmade cloth + an Audio CD with traditional Bedouin music + a personalized notebook with quotes and pictures of the bedouins in Lebanon!
  • 3 contributeurs
  • Livraison estimée octobre 2014

100 €

-A full week-end with the Bedouins; any formula of your choice all costs included. Offer available for the entire summer 2014 ( ends in October) + an Audio Cd with traditional Bedouin music
  • 1 contributeur

150 €

- a printed postcard of the Bedouins - a piece of handmade cloth - an Audio CD with traditional bedouin music - a noteboot with quotes and pictures of the bedouins in Lebanon - a PRIVATE WEEK-END all costs included with the Bedouins
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  • Livraison estimée octobre 2014

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