Give a hand to our next production The Gentlemen's Agreements - "Last Call for ... " A nice 2nd lp with 12 exclusive new tracks and goodies


Présentation détaillée du projet

After their successful debut LP "Understanding!", The GENTLEMEN'S AGREEMENTS need your support to finish their new release to come, which will include 12 new original tracks.





Après le succès de leur premier album "Understanding!", The GENTLEMEN'S AGREEMENTS ont besoin de vous pour finir leur nouvel opus qui contiendra 12 nouveaux originaux.





Le premier LP sortie chez Soundflat Records fut un succès c'est pourquoi nous avons décidé de produire un album organisé autour d'une douzaine de compositions ayant une thématique commune. 

Our first LP out on sound flat records was a success, that's why we decided to produce a second record wich is organised around 12 new tracks with a unique thematic 


The members of the band are :


Alexandre Besson (Towerbrown, Fuggets, Cecilia et ses ennuis, Pickpockets, ...) - Drums and backing vocals

Barnabe Mons (Sheetah & les Weissmuller) Singer and many noise and percussions

Vincent Vidor aka Van Gogo (les Arondes, The Fuggets,, ...) - artworks, guitars, backing vocals 

Denis Troufleau (Mr Day, Electric Safari, The Hawaii Men, ...)  - hammond organ and other keyboards

Alain Chapot aka Number 9 (The Boolings, Penelope french band) - Bass, backing vocals 







À quoi servira la collecte ?

Although the songs are already recorded for the most part, we need some funds to complete the recording and then put all our energy in the mix, mastering and production of this new LP. The artwork will be released by the talented Pooley.



Bien que les morceaux soient en majeure partie déjà enregistrés , nous avons besoin de fonds pour compléter l'enregistrement, et mettre ensuite toute notre énergie dans le mix, le mastering et la production de ce nouveau LP. L'artwork de la pochette sera réalisé par le talentueux Pooley.


Studio - Mix et mastering : 2200 €

Artwork & Goodies : 300 €



The Album will be mix and mastering by the great  Jim Diamond (The DirtbombsThe FleshtonesThe GoPaikThe PonysThe White Stripes, The Electric Six, The SonicsPaul CollinsHymn For HerDoop and the Inside OutlawsLeft Lane CruiserScott MorganAndre WilliamsKim Fowley)



If we will have more money than we want we'll make more goodies and some new materials for our shows.

and why not some special stuffs like, coloured vinyl, gatefold sleeve... 


the closed calendar will be 

Februray - march : finishing some recording and editions on our tracks and down the artworks 

April - Mix and mastering 


then 3 months of productions for the vinyls records so ...

The record will be out for this summer (June or July) 







Tous les fonds récoltés seront réservées à Alain Chapot en qualité de trésorier de l'association Le Nombre 


The GENTLEMEN'S AGREEMENTS is a mod & freakbeat band formed in 2012 as a side project of different 60's french bands. The GENTLEMEN'S AGREEMENTS est un group Mod & freakbeat, formé en 2012 comme projet parallèle de différents groupes 60's français. Barnaby Street Weissmüller : vocals and percussions ; Denis D-Day : Hammond organ ; Vince VanGogo :... Voir la suite

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Congratulations on reaching the target !!!! *** SPECIAL REQUEST *** Please can "All Good Things" be put onto CD - either on the new album, or as a "bonus track" on a CD of the 1st album?
Congratulations on reaching the target !!!! *** SPECIAL REQUEST *** Please can "All Good Things" be put onto CD - either on the new album, or as a "bonus track" on a CD of the 1st album?