Alignment: Feature Film

Please show your support for film 'Alignment' Royal Family Gamekeeper turned Horse Whisperer, ended up saving tigers in the Indian Jungle…..

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Alignment: Feature Film

Based on a true story, Alignment is a book to film adaptation of Adam Shereston's autobiography.




After the sudden loss of his father, Adam's youth was insular and unsettled. The subsequent years working for the Royal Family offered Adam the stability he needed.




In time, a free-spirited search for life's truths and a desire for a sense of peace and happiness grew in magnitude, triggering a concentrated period of self-analysis. This reached its pinnacle in a shocking out-of-body experience where Adam rapidly rose out of his body and heard the words, ‘you are immortal’. 


The sum of his bizarre experiences led him into the world of horses and with no idea of the challenges ahead,   Adam and best friend, former IT Consultant Wieland Marks, set off across Europe on horse back.






During this epic adventure, Adam learnt about his amazing abilities with horses, and by discovering his own Inner Alignment, he realised his true life's purpose. 


In an unusual turn of events, his life's purpose led him to the Indian Jungle, where Adam found himself translating a hidden universal language that the horses had taught him to help save the wild tigers that live there.




Alignment weaves a magical tale of one mans journey to Alignment. 







À quoi servira la collecte

'I need your help to fund writing the screen script for Alignment.'


My aim is to create a thought provoking, inspirational film to highlight and encourage others to find their own Inner Alignment.  By Exploring, dreaming and discovering freedom you can live a life full of purpose, passion and peace.


The funds will cover the expenses of a screen script writer and producer of endangered wildlife documentaries, Sarah Mathews.  Sarah shares the same passion for making a difference for the endangered wild animals that live on this planet and she has offered to spend time with me and help me write the film script.  Writing a screen script, typically takes 12 weeks.  Sarah's hasn't asked for a fee for writing this, however, like all of us, she has living expenses which we have calculated to the bere minimum.   


Estimated calculation:


3 months rent ££1800

3 months bills £800

3 Months food expenses £1000



I have film production companies, both in the UK and the US who are interested in my project. In order for them to green light my movie, they are requesting a film script to accompany my autobiography. 


The profits from the screening of film Alignment will go towards two things:


1. 'Home of Alignment' a healing sanctuary for people, to help with their development of their own life Alignment.




2. Endangered wildlife programs to aid the animals survival.



The rewards can be exchanged for horse related activities with myself and Extra money raised through this project will go towards the foundation of  'Home of Alignment' 







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