The Soule of Heaven - New CD with B-Five Recorder Consort

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The Soule of Heaven - New CD with B-Five Recorder Consort

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CD "The Soule of Heaven"

25 €

  • 59 contributions
Producing this record would not be possible without your support! Therefore, if you contribute 25€ or more, we are happy to send you a signed copy as soon as the CD is released.

Livraison estimée : juillet 2021

B-Five surprise!

10 €

  • 3 contributions
Life is full of surprises! When you contribute 10€ or more, you support the release of our CD and you will receive an exclusive, unpublished MP3-track of B-Five.

Livraison estimée : janvier 2021

What is better than one CD?

45 €

  • 16 contributions
One for you and one for your best friend? If you support us with 45€ or more, we will send you two signed copies of the Ferrabosco CD as soon as it will be published...

Livraison estimée : juillet 2021

B-Five Christmas treat

60 €

  • 12 contributions
Christmas is coming for sure! Maybe you are still searching for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. The Ferrabosco-album won't make it in time. But don't panic! B-Five already released three other albums with Coviello Classics: Geld Macht Musik, In Search of Dowland and William Byrd Consort Music and Songs. With this package you choose 2 of these albums to be send to you asap! And of course you will also get your signed copy of 'The Soule of Heaven' as soon as it is released.

Livraison estimée : décembre 2020

B-Five recorder enthousiast treat

75 €

  • 2 contributions
When you contribute 75€ or more, a B-Five member of your choice will provide an online lesson tailored to the level and interests of the participants. And of course you will receive a signed copy of the CD as well!

Support Deluxe

100 €

  • 7 contributions
If you donate 100€ or more to our project, you will be mentioned as a supporter in the booklet of the CD - and get a signed copy, of course!

Livraison estimée : juillet 2021


2 000 €

We play a concert just for you and your friends! - in addition to sending you 5 CDs, we'll come and play a house concert where you can enjoy Ferrabosco's music to the fullest! (additional travelling expenses may apply - please contact us for an estimate)

Livraison estimée : juillet 2021

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