Broken Jug Ramblers Album

Help your local, party-loving jug band produce an album to remember!

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Broken Jug Ramblers Album

The Broken Jug Ramblers have been together since the summer of 2015, with Felix on his home made Wash Tub Bass, Tuz on his very own kitchen spoons and Jon on the Banjo and Jim on guitar. They began by playing traditional tunes in bars in Berlin.

Over time they a great bunch of tunes. At the end of 2016, the great guitarist Jim Halloran left Berlin and - in a flurry of activity - they produced a 9-track album entitled "Hold your own".

Now, with more great tunes up their sleeve and the addition of Tobi on guitar and Alex on the violin, the Jugs are ready to go one step better, with a little more time and a little more money, to produce an album that we can be really proud of.

We will be working with Pete Thomas and hiring a proper studio space this time, to give our fans a piece of work which we can be really really proud of.

À quoi servira la collecte

We are already on the way to achieving our target, however, we need a little more to help us get over the line...

We have so far collected money for:

  • Renting the studio: 1300
  • Our sound engineer and producer: 945
  • Editing and mixing costs: 810

Now we need:

  • Mastering work 300
  • Artwork for the CD: 300
  • CD pressing: 300

Choisissez votre contrepartie

Pour 10 €

Ticket for the album release party and special Jugs goody bag

Ticket for the album release party and special Jugs goody bag
  • Contributeur : 1
  • Disponibilité : 29/30
  • Livraison Février 2019

Pour 20 €

A signed BJR framed photo

A signed BJR framed photo thanking you for helping us make the album.
  • Contributeurs : 2
  • Disponibilité : 18/20
  • Livraison Février 2019

Pour 50 €

Have your voice on the recording!

Join us in the studio to sing the chorus of "Beer!" with us.
  • Disponibilité : 5/5

Pour 50 €

Join us on stage at our album release party

If you contribute 50 euros, you are a true Rambler, join us onstage at our album release party to play percussion.
  • Disponibilité : 3/3
  • Livraison Février 2019

Pour 70 €

A unique, personalised T-shirt thanking you for your contribution

We will print a unique BJR T-shirt with a special message for you only!
  • Disponibilité : 10/10
  • Livraison Février 2019

Pour 100 €

Engraved Broken Jug Ramblers spoons

Official BJR spoons engraved to play along at home
  • Disponibilité : 1/1
  • Livraison Février 2019

Pour 200 €

A hand built Wash tub bass

Felix will personally build you a wash tub bass and give you a lesson on how to play it.
  • Disponibilité : 1/1
  • Livraison Février 2019

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