2 million hits on Youtube cannot lie! The soundtrack from 1980 needs a prime vinyl re-release! Here we go again...


Présentation détaillée du projet



After the big crowdfunding success on KissKissBankBank 2016/17 - Private Records is back with a new vinyl collector project.

This time it's about a best possible quality re-release of the Christian Bruhn soundtrack for the Japanese anime series "Captain Future". As "thank-you" for your contribution you'll get a limited edition vinyl record set + a lot more dope stuff.


Fucking awesome... sooooooo collectible!


- Double LP

- Halfspeed mastered / dubbed by Christian Bruhn

- 19 songs incl. 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks

- Gatefold cover + liner notes

- Lot's of bonus surprise inserts available!!! sticker, special insert, poster,...

- Colored vinyl


More details on Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/Christian-Bruhn-Captain-Future-Soundtrack/master/1229264


Get a not a quarter as good impression of how dope the Halfspeed mastered edition will sound (this is only a mp3 audio clip!):




Gatefold cover front/back:





Gatefold cover inside with liner notes:





Some facts about Halfspeed Mastering:


Halfspeed Mastering is a technique which results in the highest possible audio quality of a vinyl record. In case of our project we are pressing 4 times the musical date into the record compared to the common vinyl product which is available in record shops.

It works like this: The original, unmastered analog tapes from 1980 got dubbed while playing on halfspeed by Christian Bruhn himself. This results in twice the amount of musical data. The data get's additonnally doubled by using twice the data rate. The cutting studio cut and mastered the music in realtime while cutting halfspeed into a record industrie laquer. From this master the records get produced at Pallas pressing plant.

It is a very expensive and rare technique that is far beyond nowadays standards. High class audiophile. Playable on every turntable on 33 1/3 rpm.


A cooperation with  SST, Schallplatten Schneid Technik GmbH, Experienced in vinyl masters since 1969!




Already manufactured: Captain Future Halfspeed Mastering test pressing. Crystal clear, extremely defined sound with a large audio panorama. A total different sound experience compared to the CD and vinyl first edition.



À quoi servira la collecte ?

Production of a double LP "Halfspeed Mastered" audiophile vinyl limited edition of the Christian Bruhn cult soundtrack from 1980.


Private Records - the legendary vinyl limited edition project from Berlin. Famous for about 70 vinyl limited editions of exclusive and valuable recordings of 1970's and 1980's music aswell for collaborations with famous artists and companies as for example: Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Anthony Rother, Saint Preux, Christian Bruhn, Emil Schult (Kraftwerk) -... Voir la suite

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Bin mal gespannt wann ich meine erhalte. Freue mich wie Bolle!
Bin mal gespannt wann ich meine erhalte. Freue mich wie Bolle!
Die Vorfreude ist so groß!