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Tuesday, December 06, 2016
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Caring & Sharing is a project to help the SOS Kinderdorf association in Bremen to build a canteen for poverty stricken kids and teenagers.

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Caring And Sharing

Caring & Sharing is an association which is composed by four ICN Business School students, Annabelle Al Usta, Renaud Vandeven, Lisa Winkler von Mohrenfels, and Loïc Lavelle.

Our first goal is to raise awareness among people concerning orphans and poverty stricken kids

That's why we already created a Facebook page, on which we post information about these kids thanks to articles or documentaries....   

Then, we will also work with the SOS Kinderdorf association in Bremen to help them in its canteen's project. Indeed, SOS Kinderdorf wants to build a canteen for poor kids and teenagers, and we would like to help this association in this interesting project thanks to a crowdfunding procedure on KissKissBankBank.




À quoi servira la collecte

The money collected will be used for building a canteen for kids and teenagers who don't live with their parents. This canteen will allows those kids to have daily meals at an affordable price, but also to have a living space.

Thanks to your support, we want to build an "EDUCATIONAL LUNCH TABLE":

A colored lunch table in a comfortable atmosphere in a place where many children would be able to have a warm lunch monday until friday after school and to start their homework after receiving the energy of a good and delicious lunch.




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A personal Thank-You message from a kid of SOS Kinderdorf association.

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An invitation to visit the SOS Village with our association and to have lunch with us.

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