We have created the most beautiful, truly and exquisite pieces of eatable art. We must share it in order to make it real!


Présentation détaillée du projet

What are we?


We are Nïam-Nïam, an Artistic, Gourmet and Food Art Club, where we share Culinary Experiences with emotional quality and high frequency vibration. We combine Art and cooking taste from an Emotional Design Bio Cuisine and deliver conscious food.



What is our Philosophy?


We carefully select the ingredients with high vibratory frequency and transform into an eatable piece of art with an emotional message inside.

Using the right combination of food items we transform our guests’ mood, making them feel physically better and happier at the same time, keeping their body vibrating in an energetic and balanced frequency.

Every bite of Nïam-Nïam has been designed to “Make the most of nature’s sensitivity and beauty and convert it into Culinary Art to make you happy”.



Where did we start?


Behind Nïam-Nïam, we are Cristina and Gabriela, two sisters with a joint passion and one project that seeks the materialization of emotions and creativity through art and food.

Our idea started in the middle of the night after a very long conversation where, as usual, the topic about cooking became the star of the talk. Among stories about new recipes, we started talking about vibratory frequencies in the universe and we thought on the possibility that if we increase the amount of frequency in the body, that can be measured in Mhz, we might be able to modify the body emotions, making us feel happier. Suddenly, we were involved in a mysterious conversation where our hypothesis was related to food energy.

After 3 years of deep research, questions and experiments, we created cooking sessions where we tested mixing different ingredients and focused on presenting the concept of each creation as an artistic proposal.

We found that Art is the only way that human being has identified to demonstrate the beauty of Earth's natural elements and its relationship with the emotional feeling of a creative expression.


What have we done so far?


We used to dream about creating a Kitchen that could excite our commensals with its vibration, desired the creation of flavors, imagined all kind of textures and tasted all different emotions.

The creation of our dream made us immensely happy but something was missing to make us feel complete; sharing this creation with someone else, to experience their happiness through an authentic action of sharing!. Once we realized about that, we started collaborating on the design and preparation of the catering offered during art gallery exhibitions and other events dedicated to art, design and fashion. During this experience we have been able to transform the artistic proposal in a culinary practice, where the objective is to be part of the artist's concept and style, bringing the audience closer to the original idea that the artist wanted to express.



Since we started living our dream, we have created at least 20 different culinary experiences and presented them on art galleries always with a Performance Art, Happenings, Fluxus Art, Music exhibitions and Improvised Music from recognized international artists, such as Llorenç Barber, Montserrat Palacios, Mario Montoya and Lorena Izquierdo. We have also participated on International Art festivals with different activities such as culinary experiences; show cooking workshops and talks about nutrition and energetic food.



What do we want to achieve?


We would like to finally create NÏam-Nïam's space, where we can deliver our show cooking workshops, host as many culinary events as possible and share gastronomic experiences with our club members.

We would like to see our original idea finally expressed on its own place, just like artists do.

À quoi servira la collecte ?

Who will receive the funds?

Funds will go to Nïam-Nïam Society (Registered in Valencia). Our project will kick off by the 25th May 2018.

Funds will be used to complete Nïam-Níam's space, so far we have invested around 20,000 EUR to build it, but we are just missing the last bit to materialize our dream!.



We are only missing:


- The kitchen furniture to dress Nïam-Nïam = €2.000

- The oven that transforms grains in artisanal homey bread = €250

- The fridge that will keep fresh our delicious energetic and detox foams, air foams and jelly bubbles = €400

- Kitchenwear that will be used to transform ingredients in emotions = €110

- Kisskissbankbank = €240


If we exceed our goal, the money will help us to hire other recognized international artists and performers who want to be part of our gastronomic experiences in our new space. As art lovers we recognize they will enrich the perceived value of each experience and we know we will support artistic culture at the same time.


We would like you to support our philosophy and our project, becoming our godfather or godmother and collaborate with us.

Are you happy to help us making others happy?


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¡Enhorabuena por vuestro nuevo proyecto! ¡Muchos éxitos!
SUERTE!!! УДАЧИ!!! (en Ruso!) bs
¡Mucho éxito! Me siento SUPER orgulloso de tener unas hermanas tan dedicadas en compartir lo que más les apasiona. Tengo mil millones de cosas que aprender de ustedes. ¡Las amo con todo mi corazón!