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Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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Get involved in this challenge and help us to spread culture by reusing textbooks with people who really need them.

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DOOR2DOOR is an association recently created to provide books to others and convince depressed communities about the importance of education. We are a group of young social entrepreneurs, committed to environmentally sustainable business practices and firmly convinced than other world is possible by reusing goods.     






We want to put used books in new hands to give them a second opportunity, while making people aware of the importance of reuse and helping low-income families with the education costs within communities in Madrid. It's win-win!  





Probably you got discouraged when you can’t find any other use for textbooks after finishing the class. On the other hand, some people can’t afford the expenses of new book acquisitions every academic year. So… here we are to facilitate what to do! This is an organization that enables lending textbooks to families or individuals with low resources through the Internet.






We are reader enthusiasts and we think the best way to exchange books between unknown people is on the net. We strongly believe in the power of Internet as a social interaction platform. Our aim is to start a book-sharing movement across the community of Madrid first, and then, to spread the initiative over Spain. 





Through D2D, anybody can lend a book with no extra cost to people who can’t afford pay for them. The lender signs up for free an online form in D2D’s website and indicates which are his/her available books. The borrower does the same, applying for required books. Immediately, we will pick the books and is our organization who will be in charge of any delivery cost.


In our offices we organize the order and deposit it directly in the correct destination. When the applicant returns the book, it can be recovered by the lender or placed in circulation once more to a new destination.





D2D is managed by a multidisciplinary team, all of us trainee students participating in the GAIA Program:






We hope to provide people with new learning opportunities, by breaking down any social barrier.


In addition, we would like to encourage you to donate for this great cause: be our partner!

À quoi servira la collecte

Through this account, anybody can lend money (starting with 5€) securely to us. The donation will be used to reach the following goals:



* Logistics services to supply the required book from the lender to the borrower.


* Workplace refurbishment, with space for a stock warehouse.


* Website development. It must contain:

- Database with book collections organized by title, course and publishing house.

- Questionnaire form about required books.








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A "thank you" badge for supporting our project. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
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A stunning ring made from the laminated pages of discarded books. We couldn't do it without you!
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An iPad case made by old books. You are now part of our project.
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A genuine pencil cup and a light, as original as you! Thanks for making our dream possible.
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