Finance Jaune's Candle

Get your limited edition Iceberg candle designed by artist "Jaune". These candles will be produced only once in very limited amount.

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Finance Jaune's Candle

Iceberg Candles introduces Jonathan Pauwels aka "Jaune". He was the winner of the Exhi-B art on a candle contest. His candle made a great impression on the many visitors who voted for him and his candle.


Jaune's Work  

He builds a world filled with streetworkers and cops.

"My universe is based on the paradox between visible and unvisible, indeed these workers are always dressed with fluo clothes extremely visibles and yet they became totally unvisible for the common people, they are part of the urban background, consequently they are free to give up their work and take part to all kind of adventures close to the absurd."     




The Candle  


Jaune did a remarkable job playing with the light of the candle. Only certain areas of the decor lets the light through and the result is magical.   We will make A very limited amount of his candle (around 50 pieces). The Candle is 14cm high and has a diameter of 14cm. It comes in a nice gift box.   Each candle will be numbered and signed by the artist.   It has 4 wood wicks that crackle gently when they burn. The Candle has a burn time of 110 hours.  




Iceberg Candles


All our Candles are Hand-made in Belgium. 5 Craftsmen are involved in the making of Iceberg Candles. We use 100% Natural Wax for our candles. The results are: great burn, excellent scent release, and a smoke-free brun.   We do not use any toxic dye in our candles. We believe a scented candle should be a risk-free experience.  


À quoi servira la collecte

This crowd funding is the only way to get your hands on this candle. It will not be re-produced later on.


It will make a fantastic gift for Christmas


You love street-art and you want to support it.


Iceberg Candles are your favourite candles!


You know you will regret it if you don't get this candle


Somehow it will make you feel better about the dustmen


Give the gift of light!


The rewards are amazing and you want it all!


The Budget is allocated as follows:


- Printing the illustration in enamel using screenprint : 2500€

- Lay illustration on glasses and cook the glasses at 600°C: 500€

- Fill glasses with scented wax and packaging: 1000€


Choisissez votre contrepartie

20 €

A written thank you note by the artist himself.
  • Livraison estimée janvier 2015

50 €

A written thank you note written by the artist himself + your name on the website of Iceberg Candles
  • Livraison estimée janvier 2015

80 €

J'aune's Candle it its premium gift box
  • 1 contributeur
  • Livraison estimée décembre 2014

150 €

2 x Jaune's Candle
  • Livraison estimée décembre 2014

200 €

Jaune's Candle + A signed stensil painting (A4 format)
  • Disponibilité : 20/20
  • Livraison estimée décembre 2014

300 €

Jaune's Candle + a signed stensil painting + A private visit of Jaune's workshop (in Brussles)
  • Disponibilité : 10/10
  • Livraison estimée décembre 2014

1 500 €

Exclusive dinner for 8 at Jaune's workshop with Jaune himself (8 people+ Jaune). Dinner and wines will be catered by Traiteur Lefevbre ( The price includes 8 of Jaune's Candles.
  • Disponibilité : 1/1
  • Livraison estimée décembre 2014

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