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Monday, June 27, 2016
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Horizon is Home ! 40 days, 8000km, 11 countries, and we hope a hell lot of artistic content !

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Horizon is Home

This journey will bring us from Bruxelles, Belgium to Nordkapp, Norway and back, while discovering some new horizons all across Northern Europe.


We’d like this roadtrip to be an unforgettable experience of traveling, learning and capturing unique moments. We’d like it also to be a part of our professional artistic content in building.

During this trip, Léo & Rom plan on bringing back pictures of amazing places, people and roads while posting their progress online.

We will publish at least a picture per day of travel on Facebook, Instagram and 500px (with the possibility to relay our sponsors).

We have also in mind, to do short series of pictures with a theme/concept (portraits with background stories, sports, panorama and other) but these ideas are not fixed yet and we would like for them to evolve as we are going on with the trip.


read more in our Project Description !

À quoi servira la collecte

We'd like to share our work as much as possible during and at the end the trip. And for that we need your help !


We plan on printing some of the photograph we'll make and expose them. So all the funding will go in the reservation of the place for the exposition and large format print.

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