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Ieperfest crowdfunding


In 1992 our precious Ieperfest started out as a 2-day fest in the old Vort'n Vis pub. A few enthusiastic fanatics, driven by ideals, wanted to offer young underground bands a chance to share their music with a larger likeminded audience. It seemed cool to bring all those hardcore/punk kids together in a great atmosphere with bands spreading their positive message.

Anno 2018, and 26 editions later, we're still standing. Never could we have imagined that 26 years later we would be the world's longest running underground hardcore festival. Even so, we still embrace the same ideals and enthusiasm as in the early days. This organisation, run by volunteers only, is still going strong on the path of DIY-hardcore. We’re so proud of it!

In 1992 we offered our first plate of vegan food, and so are we still doing, uncompromised. No matter at which location we organised our beloved festival, the ecological spirit was always there. We increased our efforts towards our green policy drastically over the years, inspiring many other events and winning several Green Awards.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the continuing support of all volunteers, or 'shitworkers', countless bands and visitors from all over the globe! We thank and applaud you all.

Today, the world of festivals has changed ... a lot! Bands require more cash, costs for logistics increase rapidly and we find ourselves confronted with a competition between many other, often well sponsored, mainstream festivals.

As a small underground festival we have always tried to squeeze every penny for its value. Big financial sponsors were never our thing and we have always re-invested every dime earned, back into the festival. Being the small entity that we are, we find ourselves now confronted with the dark side of economics.

The latest edition of our festival didn't attract the amount of spectators we hoped for and left us with a huge financial hangover. But this is Ieperfest, giving up doesn't appear in our dictionary. The lifelong friendships, sharing music and commitment. We refuse to let this go!

So we call upon you to help us out. Support us by donating with only one goal in mind: keep this unique festival alive and ensure the organisation of future editions of our and your precious Ieperfest!

Ieperfest has always been a family and now we turn towards you for help with a much appreciated donation.

Obviously you will get exclusive stuff in return for your well-earned cash.
Great items, all of them exclusive designs, even the food! ;-)

5 €         a well-deserved thanks!
20 €       sticker
50 €       sticker + T-shirt
50 €      3 hot meals from Ieper Hardcore Food at the 2019 edition
75 €       sticker + crewneck sweat shirt
100 €     sticker + crewneck sweat shirt + screenprint poster
150 €    sticker + T-shirt + crewneck sweat shirt + screenprint poster
175 €     Ieperfest 2019 weekend ticket + 3 hot meals from Ieper Hardcore Food
250 €     sticker + Ieperfest 2019 weekend ticket + crewneck sweat shirt + T-shirt + screenprint poster
500 €     sticker + free entrance to Ieperfest Summer Edition for the next 10 years (500€/person)

We really want to collect 15.000 euro. More would be better, waaay better. We are working hard to make edition #27 (and many more afterwards) happen. Thank you for your support. You deserve it. We make it work!!

À quoi servira la collecte

The money we collect, will be used to partially finance the 27th edition of Ieperfest on 5-6-7 July 2019.

10 % will go to our eco/green policy.
30 % for logistics (stages, backline, vans, tents,…)
30 % for bands
20 % to be invested in communication and promotion (posters, banners, ads,…)
10 % for various other expenses (kisskissbankbank fee, rewards,…)

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