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Keep Us dancing for You





© Arturo Fuentes, Ballets Confidentiels



Ballets Confidentiels is a performance company bringing dance next to you.


Ever had a dance while buying your bread at the bakery? Or when having your well deserved beer in a pub? Or in a hotel, a museum, your favorite shop, in the streets or in your living room?  


We believe dance is in all of us and that dance can happen everywhere, for everyone.

We believe that triggering curiosity and challenging our audience with an artistic intervention has a refreshing impact in daily live. 


Ballets Confidentiels creates short, intense, surprising and sophisticated dance interventions that can be presented anywhere you can imagine.


In our artistic research we regularly invite artists from other art disciplines to collaborate with us. In doing so we have been collaborating with a mix of great artists such as: composers Jean-Luc FafchampsGeorge Aperghis and Fabian Fiorini, jazz drummer João Lobo, mridangam percusionist B.C. Manjunath, sitar player Bert Cornelis, visual artist collective Schellekens & Peleman, artist Ante Timmermans and mathematician prof. Xavier Puerta Coll. 


Ballets Confidentiels is: Johanne Saunier (choreographer/dancer), Ine Claes (choreographer/dancer), Meri Pajunpää (dancer) & Anouk Focquier (management)  


Official website: Ballets Confidentiels




Johanne Saunier:   Johanne Saunier has been a member of Anne Teresa De Keersmaekers’ contemporary dance company ‘Rosas’ since 1986. 
As a senior dancer, Johanne Saunier has since 1995 been teaching at ‘Rosas’ dance academy P.A.R.T.S. Since 1998 Johanne Saunier formed JOJI INC, together with Jim Clayburgh one of the founders of the New York based ‘The Wooster Group’.

Ine Claes:  Ine Claes is formed at the ‘Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten’. As a professional dancer she has been working with visual artists and choreographers like JOJI INC, Jacques Urbanska, Liesbeth Marit, Sara Claes and others. 

Meri Pajunpää:   Meri Pajunpää is a Finnish dancer who received her dance education at the ‘Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten’.  After graduating Meri danced for famous choreographers such as Itamar Serussi, Fransesco Scavetta, David Zamboro and Vera Tussing. She performened in many international festivals and performances, with choreographies such as ‘Surprised Body project’ (Scavetta), ‘Phenomena’ (Serussi) and ‘T-dance’ (Tussing).  







À quoi servira la collecte

What we would like to show in 2016:


In 2016 we would like to create a series of new, intense and sophisticated performances. 

One of the projects we want to realize is 'Triptych', a project consisting of  three short performances.

The first part  "Percussions", with B.C. Manjunath, exists already and we would like to complete the rest of the triptych with two more interpretations. 


In their own personal style three musicians will revisit the Percussions composition, giving a whole new angle to both the music and the choreography. 


Next to 'Percussions' 'Tryptich' will include 'Two Women and a Drummer' with jazz drummer João Lobo and 'Beats' where we will explore the nightlife together with Belgian producers duo Different Fountains and B.C. Manjunath. Those pieces will be for your ears' and eyes' pleasure. 


To be able to create the two missing pieces of 'Triptych' we are looking for your support.

Your support will not only help us to create these pieces but also to show them to a divers audience in spaces that are accessible for everybody!

So next time you order your baguette, you might enjoy a piece of dance with it!



The budget:


Production 'Two Women and a Drummer' and 'Beats': 3.200€

(Fees for rehearsals for musicians and dancers,

recording of "Percussions"

and creation of the electronic music)


Rent dance studio for rehearsal: 600€


Costumes: 300 


Communication & promotion: 900€


fee KissKissBankBank: 400€


TOTAL: 5.400€


Ballets Confidentiels at Radio Panik and Télébruxelles during La Semaine du Son!







© Lucila Guichón

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