Leán records debut album!

Support us & be part of the realization of the debut album from Leán!

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Leán records debut album!

We are Silke, Otto and Gielis, together we're called Leán. We play classical world music and this spring we will record our first CD which we will release this summer.


Recording a CD and everything involved is not peanuts, and therefor we need your help! Support us financially and follow us, step by step, realizing this special project.


You can hearten us and bring our goal one step closer by donation. According to the chosen contribution you will get a personal gift in return!


À quoi servira la collecte

To record an album, a lot of things need to be done. The money we hope to collect with this crowdfunding campaign, we plan to spend on:


- Renting a studio.

- Paying expenses for the producers' work in the studio, the mixing and mastering.

- Financing the printing costs for one thousand CDs.

- Paying expenses for the designer who will take care of a unique and skillful layout.

- Paying royalties to SABAM.

- Financing all the material we need to promote our album (posters, video, etc.).


To be able to do this, we hope to collect an amount of €5200 or more.


Should we collect more money than we expected, we will invest this sum in an unforgettable release-concert.



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