Make NAO Robot a usefull All-Day-Helper

The NAO can become YOUR home-helper. For this we need your help. The first step is to order the NAO, build a flexible test track and construct a lift which move him up. When we have all materials together, the NAO can start. He should scan his enviroment and react to all changes. We give him a large database with forms and colors to identify objects. Special objects get scaned and updated in the database. If this work, we develop the options for children. This may take lots of time, because for the work with children we have to be very sensible. They should learn, that robots are friendly, help and play with them, but are not the toys itself.

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Make NAO Robot a usefull All-Day-Helper

The history of this project is my family. My son saw the NAO at Youtube some time ago. He wish to get one. After i got more informations about the NAO, i see the way to get him a usefull helper for near every stage of life.

The target is easy, the NAO should teach children by playing with them, hold the appartment clean and straight, helps people, who can't walk or are to old for walking too much.

Further the NAO should be able to secure the home and call for help, such as an old people have an accident.

The NAO itself come with many features are programmable.

This are shown in this Video:



Based on this features it will be possible to tell the NAO what he should do. He can see, what happen. A function to identify objects is also integrated. By using the 4 microphones and the 2 cameras it not only stay at this features. He is able to identify guests and differ to attackers.  


By connecting him to the internet, he can communicate with us develeopers. The users are able to contact us directly through the NAO.  


At the end, let us have some fun with NAO:  



He not only can dance, but it looks well :)


À quoi servira la collecte

This project is only freetime work together with some friends, which are specialized in child care, software and hardware development and social equipment.

I have lots of options for teaching the NAO together this friends, but we need the hardware.

Not only the robot cost money, for integration in homes the NAO need a moveable platform to reach a woring high of 80cm to help in kitchen and on desk. 

The first prototype of this platform will be constructed fast, the optimized release will come later, when all works fine.

Further we need some money to build a flexible walking course.

The money will be used to buy all needed materials. When it's done, we can build the test track.

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For 10 Euro reward you will be listet as helper at the project page when it's ready.

Pour 30 €

For 30 Euro you get listet with your website, your logo and get linked as helper to this project. We check the prices for 3D models and t-shrits. If we get them produced, you get a small model or a t-shirt with a photo of NAO with a thank-you text. If we don't get this 2 options, you can chose between live-talk with NAO or send us a wish. Chat with us will be available for every sponsor and every email will be answerd.

Pour 50 €

For 50 Euro you get listet with your website, your logo and get linked as helper. Further, you will get listet in a rotation name-list at the entire website with all other people ranged 50 euro and up.

Pour 100 €

Lots of thanks. Your Name and Website-Link will be shown in Video-Credits in the helper-area. Further you get a personalized thank-you message. Some merchandise like t-shirts or 3D-print models will be cheaper to you. Actualy we think about some more things, wishes are welcome.

Pour 200 €

Thank you! You get listet in special area at the website and in future Videos all of you get a thank you from NAO in a special way. In addition you can get a one time 15minutes long live-access by Videochat (skype) to the NAO, when our programming is ready to use.

Pour 500 €

Wow, you helped much with that! It give all thanks above and a special thank-you. Your Name and Website-Link are pasted at the walls of the walking-area and can be viewed all time. Like the life-access to NAO at 200 Euro, you get 2 times with 15 minutes.

Pour 2 000 €

Wow, you helped much with that! It give all thanks above and a special thank-you. Your Name and Website-Link are pasted with your donation at the walls of the walking-area and can be viewed all time. This will be done in bold letters. You want to see, what NAO is doing? You get a live-stream access to see, what he is doing and give us ideas in live-chat (like IRC Chat). It will be possible, to get direct life-control to him via skype. We will stay in contact with you while working and you are able to see NAO or take a look through NAO's eys if possible.

Pour 4 000 €

You become the main sponsor for us. In addition to the surprise you get access to features of our NAO in video chat, so you can see the results of our work live and control him by voice. This can be done near every week after normal work. Further you get listet as our main partner and -where ever we are- you are there with your logo and company name at a sticker at NAO.

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