Marco Cinelli - Watch Me Movin' (EP)

Recording, producing, mixing and pressing of my new EP " Watch Me Movin' ". Producing a brand new major clip. Launching a real band.

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Marco Cinelli - Watch Me Movin' (EP)


-Thank you so much for helping to achieve our goal of 4,500 in such a short time; I am now able to fantasize about bringing this funding to the next level, which includes the production of a great video clip of one of the songs you like the most out of my EP. As we continue to surpass our goal, the added funds will go toward powering rehearsals, recorded performances, investing in the right equipment and maintenance for shows and building an epic foundational launch.  Every single cent of this collection is destined to be something great and will contribute to building an electric, vibrating, roaring live band. 

I’m pushing myself to reach new levels:

-  If we reach 8,000 Euros, I will produce and release of a crowd-favorite video clip!!!! 

Don't stop it now, people! I need you now more than ever – you’ve inspired me to push myself to request more of my contributors and truly make a dream a reality.

Read my full story below- 



Hey you!

If you ended up here, you may have heard that I am working on something new. Just take 3 minutes to watch this short documentary. Just, 3 minutes!



I’ve been moving all over Europe and immersing myself in new experiences while gathering inspiration for a good bunch of new songs. But now it’s time for me take a step back so that I can show you what I’m capable of. 




After moving to Paris two years ago, I experienced something that I hadn’t experienced before as a singer-songwriter: I got to work with other artists.

I realized I loved working with people. I loved creating alongside other artists – everyone from songwriters to lyricists; poets to painters; vocal coaches, guitar players, DJs, producers, and more.  I began to pursue my passion in earnest with support from this diverse crew of people. Sometimes our work took on a life of its own and transformed my original idea into something more that I had originally imagined.  


One story: While I was busking down in République, a famous underground station in Paris, I noticed a guy hovering around me when he said: “I think I've got a song for you...” I took the chance to meet him later, just for the sake of it. I ended up inviting him over, and we had a session in my living room, playing guitar and singing together. I started singing the song that he wanted to give me. It just felt SO GOOD. The song, the melody, my voice upon it, the concept of working together with someone I hadn’t known before. That was the ultimate spark that inspired my next step. I realized I had to move and experience more.



Ever since, I've been working and working. I took double the number of gigs and slept less so that I could save some cash in my piggy bank and work toward recording all of these songs as quickly as possible. 

I wanted to hire the best musicians I had ever connected with and record in a big studio room that was big enough to manifest the sounds I had been dreaming of.


Since then, I’ve found an amazing studio in Berlin. The second I found it, I wanted to move there with all my equipment and start recording. Oh yes I couldn't sleep at night thinking about it.  So that's what I did,I moved to Berlin… but it wasn’t cheap. Ha! 


You see, creating with quality is not cheap. I need your support to finish the production of my songs. Even the littlest help yields an enormous return. And I promise to show you the result of your help and my hard work. Just wait and watchWatch me movin'.



À quoi servira la collecte




This collection will help finance the recording, the producing, the mixing and the mastering of 5 + 1 tracks bonus EP. The cost of a good quality album is higher than most people think. But I crave the opportunity to record these songs that have been spinning in my head for a while now.  This funding will only cover part of the costs I face—but it will go a long way to release these tracks to the world. I’ve included the breakdown of my budget below.




- Production costs 4000 Euros until now. These are the money that everybody has to spend to work with a team that will rend a song ready to be a basting hit. This money is normally much much higher… it could really  be a winning card...


- Recording Studio 2000 Euros: every big studio is worth some money. to record in such a big room, to use microphones form the 70's or earlier, to pay an excellent engineer and to use a mixing table such as a original vintage Cadac for one whole week how much you think you would spend? Have a listen to this outtake we just recorded there LIVE :




- Musicians 500 Euros until now. The big sound of a great song is the result of the contribution of every single musicians I had the pleasure to record with.


- Mix + Mastering estimated 500 Euros or more if the mix takes more time. The winning songs are the ones that sound the best ever, or not?


- 500 copies press (+SDRM)  at least 500 Euros. These are the copies destined for you, my dear fans. The more you are, the more the pressing cost is higher. But in that case I'll be so glad to invest that money lol. 



It is my dream to record such beautiful sounds in conditions that will deliver the quality you deserve, and with your help, I hope to make this dream reality. You'll see!!





Keep spreading the word! 


Love & xxx,









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