Covered Heated Terrace

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Covered Heated Terrace

What we do at Middle Eats Restaurant is pretty simple and straightforward. We combine two things we really dig: fresh, colourful sharing food & groovy music.

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Middle Eats’ origin can be traced back to Tel Aviv, where Bohemian chef Daniela Olmova worked in different restaurants and got blown away by the intensity of Israel’s vibrant culinary capital. Going for dinner in TLV is a party. You laugh, drink and share food with loved ones and strangers...  A gathering of like-minded life lovers!




Daniela ended up in Belgium after falling in love with Ghentian Gilles Monbailliu in Prague. Not much later ME was founded in a small space in Antwerp, recreating that same Tel Aviv vibe Daniela fell in love with. It was all pretty underground, experimental and very different from the rest, hence their success.  As many others, they soon realised they had to grow to survive in this beautiful but tough horeca environment. That’s the moment Harrison Stelman came along. One night, the three started talking about music and Tel Aviv. Boom! The seed was planted for a beautiful cooperation.

July 2019 the current ME was born in Antwerp South. Since then, Daniela, Gilles and Harrison paved a bumpy way to create the unique ‘Disco Dining’ Middle Eats vibe.



Unfortunately, Corona has forced its ways into our lives and businesses.

Limited capacity, max amount of guests at a table, curfew and restriction of bar seating has dramatically interfered with our lively and crowded vibe, which greatly differentiates us from other establishments. 

Therefore we decided to take action during the forced closing period.

À quoi servira la collecte

A covered, heated terrace full of tropical plants where we can safely welcome our guests independent of the unpredictable Belgian weather conditions. Is there anything nicer than being able to share a dinner with friends and family outside?


Picture ‘Paris style’ wide marquises, glowing heaters, tropical plants and the
cozy bustle of people munching, cheering and toasting to life in a dimmed
pinkish TL light hue.



💰 Fund Goals 💰

First goal reaching 15K 
 to build both marquises


Second goal reaching 20K 
to add multiple heaters 


Third goal reaching 25K
to add tables, chairs and plants

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Couple Dinner & Access To Our 244 Hours Long Middle Eats Favourite Playlist

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Including: 2 Shot of Arak 2 Tap Beer or House wine 4 Dishes of your choice Acces to our 244 hours long Middle Eats Favourite Spotify Playlist
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