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Mini Transat 2019 - The adventure of a lifetime


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Monday, October 29, 2018
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Help me fulfill a childhood dream : race accross the atlantic single handed on a 6.5m boat with no communication with the outside world !

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Mini Transat 2019 - The adventure of a lifetime

9 months ago i decided to embark on a crazy adventure : Participate in the Mini Transat 2019. A single-handed sailing race accross the atlantic, on 6.5 metre boats with no means of comunication with the outside world !




But you do not just sign up to the Mini-Transat. It is a long 2 year journey during which you need to validate a few requierments. You need to have participated in a certain number of races, to have completed a qualification course and pass a few certifications. Here is the detailed program :




However sailing is an expensive sport. Every single element is incredibly expensive and the stakes can be high so there are a few things on ehich you cannot compromise. Unfortunately i cannot cover the entire project with my savings which is why i am required to ask for your support through this crowdfunding page. 


Thank you very much for your help. Let's try and inspire people to make their projects happen !

À quoi servira la collecte

This funding will contribute to the following: 

1. Getting the boat ready to cross the Atlantic [full check of the electronics, automatic pilot, energy sources before the start] = 5'000 €

2. The inscription + insurance for the race : 10'000 €

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Pour 10 € et plus


You are part of the adventure ! This project is also now yours and for that you have my sincere and profound gratitute ! Follow the project here : to stay updated !
  • Contributeurs : 6

Pour 30 € et plus


You get to showcase your support by receiving the official mug of the adventure !
  • Contributeurs : 5

Pour 50 € et plus


You are part of the team and will receive one of the following t-shirts to prove it ! - Men's T-Shirt white or blue - Women's V-Neck T-Shirt white or blue - Babygrow white or blue - Kids T-Shirt white or blue
  • Contributeurs : 13

Pour 100 € et plus


You become an active fan as you embark on the adventure from your sofa with your name printed in the cockpit on top of your choice of any t-shirt above !
  • Contributeurs : 20

Pour 250 € et plus


You embark on the project as a family with your name printed in the cockpit and you choose three t-shirts from the FANS PACK !
  • Contributeurs : 4

Pour 500 € et plus


You can choose any 5 items from above + your name printed on the outside of the boat + a tour of the boat in Lorient !
  • Contributeurs : 3

Pour 1 000 € et plus


THE PACK ! You now become a key member of the project ! Choose any 5 items from above + have your name printed of the outside of the boat + come and experience life on a mini and spend a day on the boat in Brittany in July / August 2019
  • Contributeurs : 4

Pour 5 000 € et plus


Leverage this project for your business! With this pack you gain visibility on a sail and the boat which you can then use for your communication campaigns. You are also entitled to a day of availability of the boat and skipper for a day with your clinets and / or employees.

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