No matter where you are, Mus&Roew gives you direct access to a fashion style that’s more natural, simpler, purer.

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Masculine and feminine, uptown and downtown, classic and modern. This is the essence of a product Mus&Roew. Achieving unity through contrast. All styles are created to function individually and fit together effectively. You can breathe the essence of the collection, the attention to detail behind every detail.






M&R has been created by professionals that have worked for the best brands in the fashion capitals of the world: Paris, London, Seoul, Tokyo and Barcelona. We control the creative process from the inception of the idea, to the birth of the product. We stay ahead of the fashion world with our trend-setting department, and once the design is finalized, we excel in producing the best runs through a dedicated production and quality control.Our tanneries are located in the North of Spain, a country where leather is part of its cultural tradition. We use leather that is 0.7millimiters thick, which can only be obtained through a very dedicated manual work. After the leather production process, we select the best furs to be modeled at the craft shop: these that excel in softness, flexibility and brightness.At Mus&Roew we work to meet our clients demands. We have a full catalog with our creations and collections, and we can also create a product that fully fits the demands of your business. We can customize an existing line of ours with your name, or produce a brand new concept to meet your demand.








Leather is at the center of our work. To achieve M&R's commitment to luxury, quality and sustainability, all leather goods are crafted from full-grain, aniline smooth and embossed leathers of the highest quality. We work with the best tanneries in Spain in order to be able to offer a product with quality, resistance and durability.









Natural fibers, sustainable sources and organic dyes are among the coveted qualities of Mus&Roew organic cotton range. Sourced in Catalonia, all fabrics are made from 100% certified organic cotton. Among these, some fabrics are woven from natural fibers not requiring pesticides or herbicides, and also come from organic, sustainable and recycled sources. The collection’s vast color palette is created using organically-approved dyes, some of which are also biodegradable.




Unity through contrast, a core MUS&ROEW ideal, is quite literally represented by the brand’s signature nickel and light gold zip closure. With one row of teeth in gold and the other in silver, this Lampo zipper is the finest you can get. Lightweight and smooth, symmetrical teeth allow the slider to move in both directions, while its polished plated metal finish creates a beautiful shine. 




No matter where you are, Mus&Roew gives you direct access to a fashion style that’s more natural, simpler, purer. Always available, whenever and wherever you want. Without seasonality: why waiting when you can already get what you want?




À quoi servira la collecte


350 euros to new accessories

We are currently developing our zippers for bags are ideal for your daily needs. Also for that they may be quick and easy to open and close. But also that it is a product that lasts.




350 euros to develop the lining

We worked with Takeshi Factory (Japanese illustrator) who created the logo and design of the liner and packaging. We work regularly with artists, designers and illustrators to create innovative products and consistently interesting!




600 euros to buy a leathers for production


Our skins and materials come only from tanneries in Catalonia and Italy. Environmentally responsible, that they worked with dyes and finishes authorized by European law. Our accessories (hooks, rings, nails ... funds) are produced only in Catalonia, they are zamak or brass. Images soon! Img_3326ab_1024x1024 Img_3185ab_1024x1024

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