Nour Project مشروع نور - Mobile Learning for Arab Child

Nour Project - Mobile Learning for Arab Child to learn English and French language in efficient way .

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Nour Project مشروع نور - Mobile Learning for Arab Child

" Noor Project " a new opportunity for the Arab Child to make them use the smartest means of communication and  lead them to access the world with all its changes through the simplest tools ,widely used in his environment.



Teach children while they are playing..A slogan that embodies our project fully and in its latest transfiguration. 





Main questions :


How we can make learning fun and passionate for children ?

How we can provide information to children in an entertaining and non-boring learning atmosphere ?

How we can  make learning available for our children ,wherever they are ,whenever they want and however they love it to be?

How we can trust the educational content with an entertaining method?

How we can  teach the child foreign languages without compromising the  Arabic values and principles ?


Dilemmas presented

Among the main important reasons that prompted us to study this project are :


Pedagogical Issues :


Language is the problem that stands between the child or youth and the scientific researches or technological development .


Expectation of Arab Families surpassed the traditional methods of teaching languages to their children.


Learning languages is not limited to lessons or trainings , but it is based on daily exercises.


Day by Day , traditional teaching is losing passion and interaction with pupils and students.


Traditional education burdened child by creating several differences between the leading digital reality and the approved traditional methods .


Traditional education is not customized  according to the students ability to learn.


Traditional education offers the same content to each child without taking into consideration  their capacity of assimilation , aspirations and knowledge.


The relationship between child and books becomes characterized with indifference The Arab government and the pedagogical responsible does not take digital education seriously.




Technical Issues in the pedagogic mobile application :


The Arab Mobile Applications does not cope with the needed level of professionalism in development and in content. Crisis of trust created by the weak level of Arab mobile application .


Educational Arab applications usually consist of annoying announcement that is able to alienated the child and provide him an inappropriate content .


The Arab Mobile Application ,does not live up to teaching children via scientific pedagogic methods that started from the lowest to the developed level .


Educational foreign applications targeted foreign language speaker child, thus it is not targeted nor appropriate for the Arabian child who do not speak foreign language .


Foreign applications devote the values and traditions of its owners.


Arabian Child do not find digital spaces that live up with his educational level, which decrease his best use of smart devise.


Education issues are numerous in our Arab world with light difference according to regions, but we can figure the size of the problem through the reality of our youth and the difficulties and language barriers that prevent them from success. However people in charge did not realize the necessity for merging pedagogy with technology to achieve a better result. They dismiss the fact that our children have a very high capacity to technology. Added to that mobile phones and tablets invaded our life and become basic tools in our daily use…So what is preventing us from using these sources to live up with educational level of our children and youth.







 How can we describe our project !


" Nour Project " is a serie of applications on mobile device and tablet in all its types ( Android - Apple IOS - Windows phone 8 - 10) for child and it aims to develop his/her linguistic capacity.


Project description :


Application that develops English and French language Detailed evaluation of the linguistic skills of the child .Which are available on his mobile device or in his parent' mobile devise. Provide indexed lessons according to levels in a creative and fun way as opposite to traditional lessons but keeping the linguistic and content value. Serie of variety meaningful exercises that value the child level of comprehension.


Solutions and Objectives Presented by the Project :


" Nour Project " aims to :

Create an educational digital space that live up to the international level of teaching children and gain the trust of the family and Arab teachers. Provide a renewable content that enrich the Arab learner and work on creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and reward for child in order to encourage them to learn. Participate positively and practically in developing the linguistic skills of children. We own open policies that creates opportunities for contributors and collaborators. Remove barriers between youth and scientific , technical development, success, and opening to the world . Cover all education levels from the lowest to the highest . Give total freedom of learning and moving to the other level in any time or place . Create a motivational and rich education program .



Who are we


A start-up company for the mobile software development , our main goal is to present an Arabic content live up to the international level and imitate needs and aspirations of individual and the Arabic family.


The Supervising team


Oussama Attar:

Chief Executive Officer and founder of Aretestico for Mobile software development . An ambitious young man and engineer specialized in software design and expert in mobile software.  He gained many experience in the Arab world and worldwide with many companies in the field of developing software and managing organizations. He likes leading business . He leads Artestico company with a youth and rational vision, it aims to create a positive change in the Arab life by presenting a unique experience live up to the international level and respond to individual and family aspirations .


Ahlem Ismail:

Responsible of marketing and public relations in the company. Active member in the civil society and President of the Tunisian Organization for the Help of Children. She has a license in business English. Middle East & North Africa, Public relations Officer in the initiative “A Corruption Free Society association "She was honored on 2014 by I Watch organization, as women leader fighting corruption. She is also the founder of Exchange Cultural Program in Tunisia.       



Montasar Balloumi :

Engineer and software developer, Technical Responsible in the company and technology lover. His goal in life is to develop software that make the user’s life better. He has Degree of Software Engineer And he have a good  experience in the field of e-marketing and digital media


Long-Term Objectives :


This serie of application will not stop at the basic educational level, it will rather continue with the child to an advanced level in language.


Also, Nour serie will present several application and other features :


Application to test linguistic level to give the user an evaluation that live up to the international language evaluation.


Application to teach Arabic to Arab immigrants/expects who live overseas and to everyone who want to learn Arabic.


Application that aim to teach Arab children about the Arab world and features of each Arab countries. Organize Live competition between application users.


Give teachers the opportunity to broadcast their content (lessons, exercises) for their learners/ Students/pupils .


Noor Project  aims to reach every family and child and to entrench education culture by a pedagogical methods that makes learning a fun and entertaining process for the child.

In the short term, our goal is to reach 200.000 active users during the first year and this Dream will only become possible under two conditions :  

The first is to reach the needed financial support to achieve the project.

The second is that you  believe with us  in a lifetime-changing project.

This is a unique opportunity to pave the way to  the next generation of responsible and  leaders .

Thank you in advance for your contribution, however large or small. 


Team work

Video clips highlight the importance of digital learning and faith of developed communities by it :

Why mobile learning

Katy ISD Transforms Education with Mobile Learning


À quoi servira la collecte

Project Detailed Expenses:


We present to you a detailed list of the basic expenses of the project



Software development expenses  22,600 $ :


2 Developers specialized in programming mobile software for 12 months = 500 $ * 2 * 12 = 12,000$  


2 Graphic Designer  for 12 months =  400 $ * 2 * 12 = 9,600$


Subscriptions and licenses for tools and publish applications fees =  1,000$


Expenses of Cloud Servers  3,600 $:


Cloud server expenses before launching:  100$ * 6 months = 600$  * **

Cloud server expenses= 500$ * 6 months = 3,000$  * ***


* Renting Server includes subscriptions and licenses

** Using server for 8 months in programming before launching applications

*** Server expense for the first 6 months 


Developing educational and pedagogic content  20,500 $ :


2 specialist in English language= $400 * 2 * 10 months = 8,000$ 

2 specialists in French language=$400 * 2 * 10 months= 8,000$

One pedagogic specialist in teaching children= $450 *  10 months = 4,500$ 



Total Expenses 


Developing Content                 20,500  $     + 

Servers                                       3,600   $     +  

Developing application              22,600  $ 


 Total                                        46,700  $     =  




Our Goal is to have the " Developing Content " From KissKissBanKBank




Resources that company will take in charge 

Headquarter with all its requirements (Internet, Electricity, different expenses) 1.000$ per month Accountability and legal matters expenses .


Main Team

Chief executive Officer : 600$ per month Supervising Engineer and design responsible 550$ per month Responsible of marketing and public relations 550$ per month



Programmation Devices   

8 Laptops 2 Macs Tablets ( 2 IPAD  -  3 Android Tablet  -  1 Windows Tablet ) Smartphones: ( 1  Iphone -  5 Android  SmartPhone  -  2 Windows phones 8 )


These  will cover the first year expenses in which during it software and content will be developed. Applications will be launched and spread in the Arab world


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